Maritime Colleges in UK - South Tyneside College: The Hub of Marine Education in UK

Maritime Colleges in UK - South Tyneside College: The Hub of Marine Education in UK
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Maritime Colleges & Education

A job in merchant navy is the dream job for many of us, having literally the best of both worlds. We have been talking a lot about jobs relating to navigating officers, marine engineers, a typical week in such jobs, progression from cadets to captains, jobs related to fitters & technicians and various other jobs on cruise ships (e.g. cooks) and other types of ships. We also know that these jobs require various certifications which are either recommended by the IMO such as STCW qualifications or local authorities. You need to study in one of the recognized maritime colleges anywhere in the world to gain these certifications. In this article we will learn about one of the popular maritime colleges in the UK with provides all of these qualifications and is a popular spot for marine students and employees.

South Tyneside College

Known popularly as the South Shields Marine College amongst the students, this is the name of a very prestigious college of further education which is located in the town of South Shields which falls under the Tyne and Wear County in the United Kingdom. Its foundations were laid by Dr Winterbottom as long back as the year 1837, hence nearly two centuries have elapsed and the literally everything has changed including its name, but the tradition of excellent study still remains. You can see the entrance of the college in the picture on the right while the left hand side picture shows the scenic beauty of the region. Shown in this picture is the ferry terminal which connects North and South Shields via the river Tyne.

Ferry Station at Tyne River

Marine Education

Of course STC is not the only college in UK providing marine education but is counted as the most wanted places where students throng from various continents including Asia and Africa. The college offers education for all the certification courses related to Deck and Marine Certifications under the latest STCW regulations. Apart from that it also provides training for other vocational courses such as hairdressing and so forth, which can be of use in finding cruise ship jobs.

Centers of the College

The college has expanded over several centers and has a Marine Simulation Center, Radar Station and Marine Survival Center where specialized courses are conducted. Shown here is a picture of their simulation center with a drill in progress. Here they use the latest technology to imitate real world navigation scenarios with the use of high-tech processors, projectors and high definition graphics.

Bridge Simulator

Most of the major shipping companies prefer to get their candidates and employees trained at STC and these include names such as Shell, Princess Cruises, Maersk and Nedlloyd to name a few. Apart from that the college has tie-ups with several popular research institutes in other countries from where students come for completing their certification exams.

It must also be noted that the marine certifications and awards given by the South Tyneside College or any recognized marine college for that matter in the UK, are given on behalf of the MCA or the Maritime and Coastguard Agency which comes under the Department of Transport of the British Government.

Tip for Newbies: If you are an overseas student interested to study for a certification in the UK, you would need to take a letter of acceptance from the South Tyneside College after confirming your eligibility for those exams from the MCA authorities. Many students commit the mistake of actually traveling to the UK without having MCA acceptance and this could land them in trouble if they find after spending so much time and money that they cannot sit for the exams. So just do your homework before you pack your bags. Good Luck.

Whom to Contact?

I keep receiving a lot of queries regarding course fee, dates, eligibility and so on from students across the globe. So instead of trying to handle the queries individually, I have decided to place appropriate links here, so that anyone requiring information can do it straight away. So future students can contact these email IDs to know more about the specific query

Engine Side queries - [email protected]

Nautical Science queries - [email protected]

The South Tyneside College does appreciate the Marine Channel and have put our link in their useful links page.

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