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  • Aluminum Smelting From Bauxite Ore
    Aluminum is one of the most used metals in today’s industry, having properties of strength, durability, conductivity, lightness, and corrosion resistance. Alumina, processed from the mined bauxite ore, is fed into a cell where it is mixed with cryolite, through which a DC electric current is passed.
  • Guide to Steel Making Processes and Technology
    Steel provides life to the designs of humanity. It has remained an invincible metal through the centuries, but how is it refined, and recycled? What is the difference between cast iron and stainless, and what are the primary alloys of steel?
  • History of Automation in Manufacturing
    The history of automation in the manufacturing industry can be traced back to the early use of basic pneumatic and hydraulic systems, up to the modern robots used by industry today. Many operations in the manufacturing industry have become automated, increasing production at the expense of labor.
  • Toolmaking and Precision Machining
    Toolmaking and precision machining are the need of the day, but recent advances in technology demand ever higher precision and accuracy in order to reach the desired limit. This article will serve as a guide for toolmaking and precision machining articles at Bright Hub.
  • Guide to Engineered Materials
    Materials play a vital role in the construction and manufacturing of equipment and tools. Choosing the right kind of materials add to the economy and life of machinery. In this guide to engineered materials we look at the need for and importance of studying topics in materials science.
  • Heat Treatment and Metal Properties
    This guide will help you learn about the various methods of heat treatment and measurement aspects of the mechanical properties of metals. Topics involved include the hardening, softening (annealing), and tempering processes carried out on critical components.
  • A Guide to Grinding and Lapping Paste
    Grinding pastes are used for controlled removal of metal, polishing, and fitting applications. They are used in various applications like fuel injector and exhaust valve overhaul, globe valve overhaul, and threading and tapping applications, among others.
  • Conventional Metal Cutting - Understanding the Roles Played by Various Cutting Parameters - (b) Tool Material - HSS
    In understanding metal cutting parameters, the tool material plays a very vital role. High Speed Steel, though used over several decades, is still very much in vogue and it can't be easily replaced by Carbide in many areas. We have only to see how productively we can continue to use HSS.
  • Conventional Metal Cutting - Understanding the Roles Played by Various Cutting Parameters - (a) Machinability
    The machinability of a material is one of the prime metal cutting parameters that has influence in selecting several other cutting parameters. In this second part of the article series, we shall learn more about machinability.
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