Electrical Engineering

What is electrical engineering? This broad field covers control systems, telecommunications and signal processing, and can include elements of computer science and electronic engineering. Though the topic is vast, Bright Hub’s Electrical Engineering Channel is here to help with articles on everything from basic electrical wiring tips, and safety rules to the latest telecommunication trends. Electrical Engineers use electricity to generate, transmit, process, store and convert energy and information. As you can imagine, this field is growing and expanding every day to keep up with the rate we consume energy. New materials, tools and systems are constantly being designed. New careers in electrical engineering are emerging every day. Our writers are professionals in the field and have the information you need from info on basic electrical principles such as Thevenin’s network theorem or electronic engineering facts. Join the Bright Hub Community to find articles that spark your interest as well as diagrams, images software reviews and more! Share your opinion in the forum and stay abreast of the latest developments in technology in this rapidly expanding field.

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