Life at Sea

Have you ever thought about a career on the open sea? Learn all about the excited job filed of a Marine Engineer. This topic covers the jobs available, including duties and responsibilities. It also covers sea life, including Maritime law. Discover the rules and regulations designed to keep you, other boaters, surfer or sailors, and the ocean itself safe. Also learn about how engineers pilot the boat through the waters using celestrial navigation and gps systems. It’s all at Bright Hub Engineering!

Nautical Trivia Quiz for Ship’s Engineers (and Interested Enthusiasts)

Engineer Officers gain experience through looking after the ship’s main engines during their watch and by checking, maintaining, and repairing the numerous components of the engine room. Their experience in marine engineering can be accessed through taking the following nautical trivia quiz.

The 5 Best and the 5 Worst Ports for Merchant Marine

The best port of the world ensures that the mariners get all the facilities that not only make their ship perfect again during a short break on a voyage but also rejuvenates their own selves too. And the worst port would do nothing of it. Read on to find more about the best and worst ports.

Major Cities at Risk from Sea Level Rise

A majority of trade and commerce (on which a country’s economy greatly depends) is carried out by the major ports of the country. This is why port cities flourish and become mega cities. With the rise in sea levels, these cities are at risk. Are you in one of those cities?

What are Marine Heat Bursts, Microbursts, and Downbursts?

A heat burst in meteorology is an uncommon atmospheric event defined by squally winds, a rapid boost in temperature, and a decrease in moisture. Understanding heat bursts is important both from the view point of aviation as well as marine work. What are marine heat bursts?

Joining the US Merchant Marine

This article outlines the process of joining the US Merchant Marine. Read to find out what jobs are available in the Merchant Marine, who to contact to obtain them, and how to obtain the necessary licenses.

Merchant Marine: Alternatives to Ishihara Vision Test?

Many applicants have difficulty with one or more plates in the Ishihara sets. Some claim that the tests are not realistic and the real issue is distinguishing colors at a distance. What is the Ishihara color blindness vision test for Merchant Marine, and what are the alternate tests?

How Few Ship’s Personnel will the Carriers Get Away With?

Crewing levels on our Merchant Marine vessels are in some cases at a bare minimum to operate the ships, leading to the officers and crew working longer hours and watches. The majority of accidents at sea are caused by human error and a lot of these accidents are due to fatigue of ships personnel.

Too Old to become a Merchant Marine?

Opportunities exist in the Merchant Marine as a second or third career for the mature person. However there are some age restrictions, and a strict medical examination to ensure physical fitness for the position. The offer of a job will also depend on the candidate’s education qualifications.

The Captain’s Mast: Its History and Modern Meaning

The “Captain’s Mast” is a disciplinary event hailing from the age of sail where a ship’s captain and other officers publicly shame and sentence sailors who have broken some rule in a manner severe enough to warrant public discipline but not enough to require a full legal proceeding.

Ocean Pollution Effect on Marine Life and Shipping

Sea pollution comes in numerous forms, from collision and grounding of ships around the coast, oil and gas installation leaks, to dumping raw sewage into the sea.
The shipping and offshore industries have antipollution maritime laws, but sea pollution is still causing concern to environmentalists.

How to Write a Hazmat Procedure

Hazmats are hazardous materials or dangerous goods that come under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Act and under OSHA. A Hazmat procedure for the handling, stowage, transport and emergency response, and first aid in case of accidental spill, contamination, and fire has to be made.