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  • Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald
    On November 10, 1975 Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior taking with it all 29 crew members on board. No definite cause has been attributed for the accident. The tragedy is remembered in literature and pop culture, with a song by Gordon Lightfoot as one example.
  • The Loss of the MV Princess Victoria
    The Princess Victoria was a passenger car ferry operating between Scotland and Northern Ireland. She set sail from Scotland on 31st January 1953 in the midst of a violent storm. A short time later she started to take on water from the car deck stern doors causing her to list before she capsized.
  • HMS Hood and the Battle of the Denmark Strait
    During the Second World War, the Battle of the Denmark Strait saw the most powerful battleship of the German Navy - the Bismarck - go toe to toe with the largest and most powerful battlecruiser ever operated by the Royal Navy: HMS Hood. Battleship combat spelled doom for the Hood, which exploded.
  • Piper Alpha Oil Rig Disaster
    The Occidental Piper Alpha was built at McDermott’s Offshore Construction Yard, starting production as an oil production platform in the North Sea in 1976 and was later upgraded to also process gas. In July 1988 she suffered a gas explosion resulting in the death of 167 crewmen. Only 62 survived.
  • Canada's Navy Accomplishments
    The Royal Canadian Navy is the maritime or naval force of Canada. It was been founded in 1910, and Canada has been a member of NATO since 1949. This article showcases the historical accomplishments of the RCN.
  • Marine History Quiz
    What was the first floating vessel made of? Who discovered the submarine? Which is the world's most luxurious ship? Are these questions intriguing you? Take this quiz and have fun learning a lot of things that you did not know about marine history and how it evolved over the years.
  • WWII - War in the Pacific
    The Pacific Theater of the Second World War involved some of the largest and most costly naval battles and amphibious assaults in all of human history. Here is a selection of articles that cover the most significant aspects of the War in the Pacific, from naval design to key battles.
  • The Core Theater of WWII - War in Europe Between the Allies, the Soviets, and Germany
    World War II was fought hardest in Europe. Millions of soldiers and civilians died in a bitter conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945. Battles in the air and at sea changed the course of history, and here are some of the most important related battles, equipment, and simulations from and about WW II.
  • Effects of Post-World War I London Naval Treaties
    A bold attempt at arms control, the successes of the London treaties have been overshadowed by their nullification in the lead-up to World War II. But they were not all in vain: they restricted the size of major navies and likely prevented additional senseless bloodshed in the process.
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