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  • Determining Causes for Electric Motor Failure
    It is estimated that 92% of the electric motor failures occur at the start up. Most of these failures occur due to low resistance. Mechanical failures and over-current failures are also very common.
  • What You Want to Know about Electrical Laws and Formulas
    Almost everyone knows the electrical terms volts, watts, amps, and ohms. Not as many people know about inductance, capacitance, impedance, or reactance, though. The informative articles linked below will reveal these mysteries of the electrical world ... and more.
  • Induction Motors and Alternators Explored
    Electrical motors today have become a crucial part of our modern world. Today, the study and advancement of these devices have diversified like never before, creating huge opportunities for aspiring engineers. Some expert reading about AC/DC motors is presented here through many linked articles.
  • What are the Common Insulating Materials Used in Electrical Engineering?
    The main aim of an insulating material is to separate electrical conductors without passing current from one to the other and to safeguard individuals from electrically energized wires and parts. A complete knowledge of insulating materials and standards for safe working practices is required.
  • DC Inverters for Air Conditioners
    Using the latest advancements in inverter technology, air conditioners are quieter to run and more economical to operate than conventional AC units. Let’s learn what this inverter technology is all about and the operating principle of these newer air conditioners.
  • Methods of Connecting Electrical Wire Ends Explained
    An electrical engineer may come across precarious situations where joining electrical wires efficiently becomes an issue. Moreover, depending upon the criticality, selecting the type of connection also becomes crucial. Here we discuss a few important methods of implementing reliable cable joints.
  • Grounding Methods and Measurement
    Electrical system grounding is directly related to human safety. Electrical systems are grounded, or earthed, in order to obtain a low resistance path for the dissipation of current into the earth. Earthing should be measured routinely to maintain the resistance below a required value.
  • Vibration Analysis and Remedies
    Rotating machines tend to vibrate, so vibration analysis on a regular basis is needed to predict the operational health of equipment and provide fault analysis. It’s the job of the maintenance engineer to provide a preventive maintenance program, including using the concepts of vibration analysis.
  • The Four Major Layers of the Telecommunications Model
    The standard telecommunications model is comprised of four telecommunication layers. Here we will look at and discuss the role and working of each component layer.
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