Consumer Appliances & Electronics

Electronic engineering is an important field related to electrical engineering. Electronic engineers design and build modern day electronics, from telecommunication devices to medical machines to every day consumer electronics like your tablet.
There is a large number of consumer electric appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, indoor lighting and kitchen appliances that make modern life possible. Whenever you pop a piece of bread into a toaster or move a load of laundry to the drier you have an eletrcial engineer to thank. Learn more about this wide field of consumer appliances and electronics.

How the Bose Wave Radio makes Big Sound

The Bose acoustic waveguide concept works on a simple principle which involves the magnification of the air vibrations formed at the rear sides of the speakers. However along with amplification, the intricate designed Bose wave radio also enhances the output beyond other compact systems.

End of Life Electronic Parts

The rate of electronic devices usage has grown drastically in the last two decades. A huge number of these electronic parts go to waste once their usefulness expires. This post discusses planning for end of life electronic components, ways to reuse or recycle them, and finding replacements.