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  • CAD Software Purchasing Guide
    Features and capabilities are equally important, if not more so, than the price for buying CAD software. Even given that, chances are you may find a free program through this guide that is capable enough for your application. This guide will help you to understand the current offerings.
  • Projections Methods Used in Machine Drawing and CAD
    Projection is a method used to represent a 3-D object on a plane surface without including the mathematical calculations. It actually makes the study of design of an object or structure easier.
  • How to Work with Layers in AutoCAD 2009
    Layers are very important for managing AutoCAD drawings, especially for huge architectural and electrical drawings. AutoCAD 2009 has many tools to control layer objects.
  • 3D Printer Technology for Metal Components
    “You see a component and you get it by pressing the ‘print’ button.” This is precisely what 3D printing is about.
  • Creating Basic Features in Solid Edge: Protrusion
    Protrusion is one of the most used features, not only in Solid Edge, but in all 3D CAD packages. Here we'll look at how Solid Edges "SmartStep" ribbon bar makes creating a protrusion easy, logical, and quick.
  • Pro Engineer Mechanica Tutorials on Modal Analysis
    Pro engineer Mechanica is ProE module dedicated for the FEA. This Pro Mechanica tutorial will discuss how ProE Mechanica can be used as modal analysis software.
  • Why 3D Cad Modeling Software is Parametric
    Have you ever wondered why 3D CAD modeling software, especially Pro Engineer, is parametric in nature? This article discusses geometric and dimensional sketcher constraints in 3D applications.
  • Computational Science: Computers Working for Humanity on a Global Scale
    Computer modeling using mathematics serves society in numerous ways, from helping simulate natural disasters to simple manufacturing processes. Learn about some ways in which computational science is applicable to areas outside of the specific field.
  • Pro Engineer Mechanica Tutorial Part 7: Analysis and Design Studies
    This Pro Engineer Mechanica or ProE Mechanica tutorial will discuss applying loads and applying boundary conditions. In this part of the tutorial, you will learn how to create an analysis in Pro-Mechanica.
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