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Steel Plants and Steel Technology

Steel provides life to the designs of humanity. It has remained an invincible metal through the centuries, but how is it refined, and recycled? What is the difference between cast iron and stainless, and what are the primary alloys of steel?
History of Automated Assembly

History of Automated Assembly

The history of automation in the manufacturing industry can be traced back to the early use of basic pneumatic and hydraulic systems, up to the modern robots used by industry today. Many operations in the manufacturing industry have become automated, increasing production at the expense of labor.

A Guide to Heat Pumps

Nature created mankind, but with the advancement of technology, man is now trying to recreate nature. This may have its own advantages and disadvantages, but nowhere is this struggle more evident than in the field of environmental control for our inhabited interior spaces.

Guide to Hardware for Engineering and Industry

This guide to hardware deals with industry-standard items of which, though common, the selection of can make or break the repair, upgrade, or maintenance of essential equipment. How much do you know about the technical standards for the fasteners, bearings, belts, and seals you’re already using?

Physical Laws of Motion and Energy Explained

What is motion and what is energy? These fundamental questions are difficult to answer. The first attempt to give some explanations was made through classical mechanics. Here you will find a collection of articles with everything you need to know about the physical laws of motion and energy.
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