Building Construction & Design

Civil engineers are primarily concerned with construction, whether it be of buidlings, highways, bridges, tunnels and other necessary structures. In this topic we delve into the matters of designing and constructing projects. Construction Engineering is closely related to Civil Engineering, but more focused on management of the construction site instead of just purely on design and building. Learn all you can about this important topic.
You’ll also learn about the tools, equipment and material needed for projects. Find out more on forklifts, jackhammers, drills, excavaters and much more. Learn the basics of the machinery and proper care to make sure everything is as safe as possible. Also read about how to choose the right material for the project: wood, plastic, stone, concrete, glass and much more. What is the best material to choose? What is the environmental impact of the chosen material? These are all questions the Civil Engineer needs to consider before designing a building.

Top 10 Civil Engineering Colleges

Civil Engineering may not get as much attention as other STEM disciplines but it’s an important area of study if you want to work on the design, construction and maintenance of civil projects like roadways, bridges and buildings. Learn about the best colleges for a civil engineering degree.

Guide to Architecture in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers and architects complement each other’s’ work. An architect takes care of the design and shape of a building whereas a civil engineer takes care of the technical nitty-gritty like the strength of the building. Architecture is art; civil engineering is more about physics

Test Your Civil Engineering Skills: An Interactive Civil Engineering Quiz

Just like any other science, Civil Engineering, too, is evolving. Concrete is no longer coarse and made of fine aggregates only. Similarly engineering materials are not restricted to cement and steel. Challenge yourself with this short quiz and find out how much you know about Civil Engineering.

Carpenter Bee Removal & Prevention

It takes quite a while for carpenter bees to actually cause structural damage to a building but if the extent of their damage does get to the structural level the cost to repair it could be substantial. If you catch them early though, the problem is easily remedied.

Staircase Design Principles

A staircase is an integral part of a building. It is a series of steps arranged in an order so that people can go from one floor of a building to another . The stair should be as per standard design principles and constructed in a such a manner that people can negotiate the steps with ease.

Role of the Construction Ambassador

Construction Ambassadors, as the name suggests, are individuals with a passion for the field of construction. They can have many varied responsibilities, which can make it difficult to define exactly what they really do and to describe their job role precisely.

Rivets and Types of Rivet Joints Explained

Huge structures like bridges, locomotives, ships, etc. inevitably require joints in order to plan out an inner firm, enduring “skeleton.” Riveted joints play an important part in forming these joints, and are used extensively for the purpose. Here we discuss the major types of rivet joints.

How to Do Beam Load Calculations

In the field of construction, beam load calculations can become truly critical and require special attention as well as accurate implementation of the results. A simple yet effective way of calculating beam loads is discussed here through derived formulas and expressions.