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  • What is a Ship's Stern Tube?
    Everyone knows that a ship is propelled with the help of a propeller located at the aft of the ship. However, they may not now how the propeller is connected to the engine located inside the ship. A stern tube, situated at the aft of the ship, helps in this purpose.
  • Image Gallery - Types of Ships by Silhouette
    All ships have a unique silhouette and this characteristic is often the best means of telling one type of ship from another. Here are some ship silhouettes that are representative of their type, as well as some pointers on how to tell ships apart. At sea such quick identification can be a big aid.
  • Captain's Quarters in English Ships
    The Captain is the most prestigious post on the ship; hence the place of residence of the Master has to be a master-place too, in the literal sense of the word. Here we explore how English Ship captain quarters developed over time
  • Designs and Components of Sailing Ships
    A sailing ship is a wind-powered vessel and this article describes the design, function, and nomenclature of the main components of a sailing ship.
  • Estimating Costs for Ship Building and Repairs
    When I was serving my apprenticeship in Harland and Wolff Belfast in the 1960’s, estimating costs for shipbuilding and repair was carried out in a specialist department by men experienced in hull construction and engine manufacture. Today, it is much the same in most shipyards worldwide.
  • Ship of the Year 2010
    The offshore oil and gas division of Aker Solutions has won a prestigious award for its design of the deepwater well intervention vessel Skandi Aker. The ship has all the facilities on board to overhaul wells at depths of 3000m that normally require the services of a drilling rig.
  • Military Ship Design - An Overview
    Military ship design is an area of continuous implementation and research. The reason for the demand in the implementation and improvement of military ships is becoming more and more evident with war and national security being on the core national agenda of various governments worldwide.
  • Pressure Regulatory Mechanism in Inert Gas (IG) Systems on Ships
    Pressure in the Inert Gas (IG) system needs to be maintained within an ideal value – neither too high nor too low. Learn why is this necessary and how is this achieved on board ships.
  • Ship Building & Design - An Overview
    Do you know naval architecture was formulated by a man who had never constructed even a single ship in his life time? Surprising but true! The history of naval architecture is as intriguing as the field itself. Learn more about the history of this facinating field in the article inside.
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