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  • Build a Scrolling Message Display Circuit
    Moving message display units consist of very complicated circuitry and are impossible to build without using microcontroller ICs. However, a small scrolling message display carrying a very few number of characters can be built using ordinary digital ICs.
  • A Practical Introduction to Transistors
    Basically the function of a transistor is to amplify a small 'base/emitter' voltage into a much larger 'collector/emitter' voltage. A simple experiment will explain how does a transistor work.
  • 2N3055 Transistor Datasheet Explored
    Almost 90 % of all medium power electronic gadgets incorporate 2N3055 transistors in their output stages – probably enough to prove the high versatility of the device. The article provides you with all the necessary details about this important electronic active component.
  • DIY: How to Build a Hand Crank Flashlight
    A hand operated flashlight does not need input from sources like wind or sun in order to generate electricity. Just pressing a spring-gear mechanism is enough to make the device “pump” electricity that can be used for activating an output load.
  • Electrical House Wiring Made Easy: Simple Tips & Layouts
    The article provides some easy clues regarding conducting house electrical wiring. A few important tips if followed correctly can make the procedures really simple and without complexities.
  • How to Build a Low-Cost High-Efficiency Inverter
    Whether indoors or outdoors this high-efficiency inverter can provide clean AC to power all your small appliances like fans, lights, soldering irons, etc.
  • Learn about "Capacitor Start - Induction Run" Motors
    The starter winding has a capacitor incorporated which makes the single-phase motor a self-starting one. Read on to learn about the different types of widely used capacitor-motors
  • Generating Electricity from a Bicycle Dynamo
    The proposed mini-electricity generator project is very simple to build and can be used by students as a school project, or just for hobbyists. The set up can be used to charge a battery with electricity produced from wind power.
  • Making a Homemade Power Amplifier - PCB Layout Included
    With monolithic linear ICs becoming commonly available, making monster power audio equipment at home has today become a child’s play. One such device STK4221 from SANYO can be simply used for different massive power audio amplifier applications. One sample circuit is discussed herein.
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