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Engineering is a vast field with active professionals from all over the world constantly seeking information to improve their skills, techniques and projects. Engineers can be found everywhere, from within a ship’s boiler room, to rural roads to city skyscrapers. Such a diverse body of professionals needs a source of reliable information to turn to. Visit Bright Hub Engineering to find valuable information for students, hobbyists, or current engineers. Browse the topic areas on our site to read articles on Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Marine Engineering. Read CAD software reviews and tutorials, discover diagrams to make your own electrical circuits, learn about new forms of renewable energy and much more.

Are you looking for DIY help and projects? We have free resources to help you do simple home wiring, build electronic circuits and other simple projects. Find formulas and tips on CAD design for students, discussions on the safety of Nuclear Energy, oil drilling and other hot issues.

We created BrightHubEngineering.com to better meet the needs of the engineering community that were followers of our first website, BrightHub.com. The site is owned by Bright Hub, Inc., a venture-backed media company, currently managing seven websites and growing.

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