Hydraulics in Civil Engineering

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  • The Severn Estuary Tidal Barrage Project
    There have been numerous government enquiries and subsequent reports over the last century into the construction of a tidal barrage across the River Severn Estuary linking England to Wales. None have come to fruition due to economic and environmental concerns and, the sheer magnitude of the project
  • Water Power IS Renewable Energy
    Hydropower plants are a form of renewable energy. They operate using stored water in a dam; the water falls by gravity through penstocks to water turbines located below the dam. There are various types of water turbines used to drive power generators, producing electricity for the National Grid.
  • Conserving Water with Agricultural Hydrogels
    Agricultural hydrogels are synthetic polymers generally made from petroleum products. They absorb many times their weight in water, and can be distributed into dry regions in order to improve the soil's ability to absorb water. Learn how they're made and how they can be used.
  • Use Hydrology for Return Period Estimation of Rainfall, Like a 100 Year Flood
    Hydrology (the study of water) includes study of the return period estimation of rainfall of given magnitude, i.e. the 100 year storm or the 100 year flood. The effect of a 100 year flood on river levels and on residents of a flood plain are issues that lead to interest in this topic.
  • Pipe Culvert Design Calculations
    Circular pipe culverts are widely used in building projects. Do you know the equations that relate pipe culvert parameters under the condition of inlet control, or outlet control? Learn the equations in this article.
  • Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics in Civil Engineering
    The widespread applications of fluid mechanics and hydraulics in civil engineering include transportation of fluids in pipes and in open channels, as well as flow measurement for both pipes and open channels. These areas of application use a variety of calculations for design and for analysis.
  • Darcy's Law for Modeling Groundwater Flow
    Modeling of groundwater flow is important for a variety of applications, such as groundwater flow from an aquifer through wells for water supply or irrigation, and remediation of groundwater contamination. A primary tool for groundwater modeling is Darcy's Law, the subject of this article.
  • Calculation of Critical Depth and Critical Slope for Open Channel Flow
    Calculation of critical slope and critical depth for open channel flow is needed for some applications. Read on for the equations, calculation procedures, and examples for a rectangular channel and for a trapezoidal channel.
  • Hydrogeology Defined
    The main motto of this post is to uncover the significance of hydrogeology, and its applications. Let us start by defining what hydrogeology means before getting on to other details.
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