Hydraulics in Civil Engineering

Hydraulics is an important field in Civil Engineering that has to do with the mechanical properties of liquids. Whether the project is a tunnel, road or series of pipes running through a building, it’s important to know how the water will travel and what conditions the building will be safe under. Read more about topics like fluid mechanics, fluid machinery, irrigation, coastal waters and more.

Industrial Wastewater Reuse

Heightened public awareness and stricter application of effluent standards by the authorities has led to industrial wastewater reuse being given a lot of importance. Advanced technologies have also led to such reuse becoming feasible and economical.

Water Mains Leaks and Breaks

Pipes are laid in the ground and soil conditions that are acidic can cause water mains to corrode and rupture. Breaks can also be occur when the pipes are subjected to very high pressures, which can even come from the water hammer cause by incorrect closing of valves.