Geotechnical Engineering

Any building project that takes place on the ground (that’s many of them) has to be concerned with geotechnical engineering. This branch of Civil Engineering is concerned with earth materials, soil mechanics, geology etc. A geotechnical engineer will examine rock formations and locations to determine safety, environmental concerns and much more. Learn more about this fascinating sub-field here.

Geotechnical Topics in Civil Engineering

Studying the behavior of earth materials is a vast subject that includes the study of soil properties, foundations, slopes, risk mitigation, and ground improvement methods. The following topics will guide you through much of the terminology and theory of geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics.
Soil Mechanics: Flow of Water in Soils

Soil Mechanics: Flow of Water in Soils

Soil permeability is a characteristic property of soil, and studying it helps to erect better structures, construct stable foundations, and perform agricultural activities. Permeability of soil depends upon various factors, and important related aspects are discussed here.
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