Free Downloadable CAD Software: DESI-III


Let us continue with the series of articles on free CAD software. DESI-III is another full-fledge CAD software, which is available for free. The first version of DESI was made available in the year 2001 and since then the author has carried out a number of changes in the software to suit it to the modern requirements make its user interface look modern.

Features of DESI-III

Let us see some important features of freeware DESI-III

1) You can run DESI-III, the free CAD software, in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, OS/2, BEOS, etc.

2) You can select languages UK and US English and the other languages like Dutch, French, German, Ukrainian and Polish are also defined.

3) The main menu is available at the top comprising of the 3D buttons with ON/Off appearance.

4) DESI-III uses real databases for the organization of the drawings and drawing entities, which allows you to use the symbols created in particular drawing in any other drawing without having to create it again and again.

5) There are various drawing tools in DESI-III, like lines, text, symbols, polygons, circular and elliptical arcs, segments and sectors, rectangles, triangles, curves and dimensions etc. You can also make hatched areas, chained items, macro symbols and surface dimensions.

6) The position of the cursor can be seen in relative, polar or absolute mode depending on the choice of the user of the software.

7) With DESI-III you can also use the formulae to put certain values.

8) You can input the execution points with the help of mouse.

There are many functions available in DESI-III and it has been found very useful by a number of users. One of the users of DESI-III says, “and find it almost unbelievable it’s freeware: lots of commercial CAD-programs don’t even reach your standard.”

Now the beta version of latest release of the DESI-III is also available, which is incomplete but includes lots of new features and techniques. To use this highly useful and full-fledged free CAD software click here.

See the image below (source DESI-III website)


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