Download Free CAD Software: JustCAD 8.0

Download Free CAD Software: JustCAD 8.0
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JustCAD 8.0

Let us see some free CAD software: JustCAD 8.0

JustCAD was first made available in the year 1999 and since then a number of hobbyist and professionals have found it very useful to fulfill their designing requirements. The software requires a small footprint that makes it highly suitable for the constructions offices and laptops.

Features of JustCAD 8.0

Let us see the features of latest version of the software JustCAD 8.0

  1. To run JustCAD 8.0 you need Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/Vista, Pentium 433, 64 MB Ram, TrueType Fonts, 800 x 600 Display.

  2. The tools of JustCAD are very easy to use. Some of the important drawing tools in the software include line, circle, arc, curve, ellipse, polygon etc. You can create these objects very easily my merely clicking on the screen or snap and entering the appropriate dimensions. You can create these objects based on various properties.

  3. Within JustCAD 8.0 you can easily create linear dimension, radial dimension, and angular dimension. You can enter the dimensions in feet and inches, and meters and millimeters up to three places.

  1. JustCAD 8.0 offers you the facility of creating unlimited number of layers, a number of line widths and line styles.

  2. With JustCAD 8.0 you can carry out lots of editing of drawings like break, trim, stretch, copy, radial copy, concentric copy and many others. There is facility of undo and redo of 40,000 operations.

  3. Some of the important utilities included with JustCAD 8.0 are measuring distance, measuring area, measuring angle, measuring total selected length etc. Some very important utilities included with the software are inserting text file within the drawing, importing and exporting dwf file formats with true dimensions and saving black-on-white bitmap.

JustCAD 8.0 with all the above features is available for free. It looks like complete CAD software with all the important features. JustCAD 8.0 is free to use for 60 uses. You can download this very useful software here.

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