Download Free CAD Software: A9CAD and CADStd

Download Free CAD Software: A9CAD and CADStd
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A9CAD is the free CAD software offered by A9Tech Inc. The company offers two versions the Pro version for which you have to pay and free version which is the lite version of the software and is available freely. To download the free version of A9CAD you can click here.

Features of A9CAD

Here are some important features of free version of A9CAD:

  1. You can easily draw new 2D drawing and edit and view the existing drawings.

  2. The software is compatible with industry standards like DWG and DXF formats.

  3. There is a command line window, where you can input the command or enter the data as per your requirements.

  4. You easily edit the weight of line, change the type of line, layer, and use the dimension and text style of your choice.

  1. In the free or lite version there is also facility of modifying the drawing object.

Since this is the lite version it is not equipped with all the popular Cad features. However, for someone who does not require highly sophisticated features and has to do only basic drawing, this software, available for free, is good enough.

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CADStd is another free CAD software, but with limited features. There are two versions of CADStd: lite and Pro. The lite version if available freely, while the Pro version costs $37.5. In both the versions you can create some important elements of the drawing like circle, arcs, arrows, splines, lines, polylines, linear dimensions, text and others. With the free version you can also export the drawings in DXF format and share them with others.

However, with the lite version of CADStd you cannot create isometric drawings, you cannot export the drawings in PDF format, you cannot apply angular and radial dimensioning and you miss a host of many other features. If you still want to use free version of CADStd, you can get it here.

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