Free CAD Software. A Unique Combination of CAD and CAM Service

The Unique CAD/CAM Service

A unique combination of CAD and CAM service is offered by If you want to get any part of the machine or component manufactured, you don’t have to go to the workshop or the manufacturing unit providing the manufacturing services. eMachineShop provides the web services for manufacturing various components. All you have to do is make the drawing of the part that you want to manufacture and send it to the company via web and get it manufactured. You don’t even need the CAD software for making the drawings of the component, the company provides free CAD software to download.

How eMachineShop CAD/CAM Services Work?

Here are the steps in which the company’s services work:

1) Download the free CAD software

2) Design or draw the part that you want to get manufactured.

3) Order the part.

After you download the free CAD software, below given is the simple process that has to be followed:

1) Select the material: There is a library of materials given in the software from which you can select appropriate material for the part you want to manufacture.

2) Draw the part drawings: A number of simple and intuitive tools are given in the software that enable you to make the drawings of the part. Even if you have never used CAD software, you will find that eMachineShop’s drawing software is easy to use.

3) View you part in 3D: After making the drawing of the part, you can see its 3D image to see how your manufactured part will look like.

4) Auto-analysis of your design: The software carries out the analysis of your designed product to see if it is feasible to manufacture it. If you have made the product that is impossible to manufacture, the software will ask you to make appropriate changes.

5) Review and place order: Finally the software will tell how the price you will have to pay to get the part manufactured. If you want to get it manufactured, go ahead order the part and fill the payment information.

Thus you don’t have to email, fax, or wait for the quotations to manufacture a part. This unique service of eMachineShop is highly convenient and fast.


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