What are Angular Contact Bearings: Types of Bearings

What are Angular Contact Bearings: Types of Bearings
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Angular Contact Bearings are constructional bearings which use the rolling element as the ‘Ball’. This is one more type of bearing using the ‘ball’ as the rolling element. A question does arise that, Why are these bearings called as ‘Angular Contact Bearings’? Before we describe on the bearing,

As you have seen in the constructional feature of the Angular contact bearing, the line of contact of the rolling element or the ball is ‘angular’ between the inner race and the outer race. Well this type of construction surely posses a clear advantage for its application in various areas as follows. This contact angle varies from about 25° to 40°.


  • Single row angular contact bearings have the capability to withstand heavy axial forces in one direction and heavy radial loads. This is due to the angle of contact. The more the angle of contact the more the axial thrust or load can be withstood by the bearing.
  • Due to their constructional ability, they can sustain certain degree of angular misalignment in the shafts they support.

Variants of Angular Contact Bearings:

Angular contact bearings are available in various variants each having a specific application based on its construction. The various variants of the Angular Contact bearings are follows:

  1. Single Row Angular Contact bearing: Two variants of this variety are, one is the open variant and the other is the sealed variant which is greased for life_.



  2. Double Row Angular Contact Bearing: This is a variant which features the use of two rows of rolling elements. Similar to the Single row angular contact bearing, two variants i.e. the open one and the sealed variants are available.


    Apart from this one more variant of the Double row angular contact bearing called the Double Row Inner Split angular contact bearing. In this configuration, the inner race is split in order enable easy assembly of the bearing and to ensure a higher preload to the bearing.

    Angular Contact bearing - Split Inner race

    Angular Contact bearing - Split Inner race

Technical Specification References:

The bearing number generally starts with the number 7. For example “7205”.

For the double row angular contact bearings each manufacturer tends to follow a different notation. Kindly verify manufacturer’s catalogue for reference.

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