AutoCAD DWG Trueview Viewer Tutorial

AutoCAD DWG Trueview Viewer Tutorial
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AutoCAD DWG viewer – DWG TrueView is aimed mainly for all the persons other than the design engineer who takes input from AutoCAD DWG or DXF drawings in their day to day professional life but don’t require the ability to edit or prepare the drawings.

Where do I Get it?

Free DWG TrueView can be downloaded from the AutoDesk website. DWG TrueView is available for both 32 bit as well as 64 bit machines, so choose the right one for downloading. The latest available DWG viewer version is DWG TrueView 2010.

How to view drawings of AutoCAD in DWG TrueView?

  • Launch DWG TrueView 2010.
  • Click the “Open” icon at the top right corner of the GUI.
  • Select any DWG or DXF file and click “Open”.
  • The drawing will open.
  • Now the GUI will look like below (click on the image to enlarge it):

What operations can be performed to the opened AutoCAD DWG or DXF in DWG TrueView?

In broad sense, all the non editing operations are available with AutoCAD viewer DWG TrueView.

  • File operations: There are two icons in the Files tab: Open and DWG Convert. The Convert option is useful for creating lower versions (like AutoCAD 2000, 2004 etc.) of DWG file from the current file.
  • Output: The icons of this tab are related to plotting. Use the Plot icon for making a paper printout. The Batch Plot icon is useful for publishing a drawing or group of drawings in the form of DWF, DWFx, or PDF. The Batch Plot can also be used for taking plot of a collection of drawings.
  • Navigation: Pan, Zoom and Rotate options are available here.
  • View: From this tab you can select and set a visual style as current. You can set as 2D wire frame, 3D conceptual, etc.
  • Layers: All the AutoCAD layer operations are available under this tab.
  • Measure: This is very important tool in DWF TrueView. You don’t have dimension tools in AutoCAD DWF viewer, but by using this tool you can measure and see any dimension of the opened drawing.
  • Export: DWF TrueView 2010 comes up with a very handy export option. You can export DWG or DFX files to DWF, DWFx and PDF output files. Go to

Application menu>export.


The latest AutoCAD DWG viewer – DWF TrueView 2010 is very useful free tool for sharing drawing files to a large spectrum of people. DWF TrueView contains all the necessary features to share DWG and DFX files in a secure manner.

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