Planned Maintenance Routine Carried Out on Ships at Weekend

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Life on a ship is little different from conventional life at land. Normally the weekends are meant for relaxation and enjoyment in a typical shore based office, but the same cannot be said to be totally true about ships. So when I mention the word “saturday routine”, I do not refer to the fun and partying (which is also there on ships) but to a different planned maintenance routine about which we will find out now.

Definition of Saturday Routine

Saturday routine is a planned maintenance routine or schedule followed in the ship. In this routine, all the machinery and important control systems are maintained as per the routine chart .This is carried out for safe operation of the ship and this maintenance schedule will be inspected by the surveyor and by the port state control officers who visit the ships to carry out such inspection. If this planned maintenance schedule is found to have unaccounted for delays, or have not been carried out properly, the surveyor can even detain the ship in port .

We have already learnt about the types of repairs carried out on a ship and know that the planned maintenance system is necessary to keep the machinery in near-perfect working condition. The saturday planned maintenance routine is a vital part of this maintenance schedule and the list below shows the various equipments that would normally be inspected and checked for proper functioning. The list also gives the duty officer in charge of that specific check or operation and whether it needs to be done every saturday, every two weeks or monthly.

Please note that this is not a regulation or complusion but a long followed practise, perhaps just to ensure that the weekend goes smoothly, these checks are carried out on a saturday. Otherwise they can be done during any other day as well

Checks in Saturday Planned Maintenance Routine

1. Fire Detection System [Electrical officer] - (_EVERY SATURDAY**)**_

2. CO2 Bottles and System [Electrical officer] - (MONTHLY)

3. Air and Foam Equipment [Second Engineer] - (_EVERY SATURDAY**)**_

4. General Alarm System [Electrical officer] - (_EVERY SATURDAY**)**_

5. Emergency Batteries [ Electrical officer ] - (_FORTNIGHTLY**)**_

6. Funnel Flaps [Fourth Engineer] - (_EVERY SATURDAY**)**_

7. Emergency /Remote stops [Electrical officer & Second engineer] - (_MONTHLY**)**_

(M/E QCV, E/R Blower,E/R pump,Accommodation Blower)

8. Emergency Lighting [Electrical officer] - **(**FORTNIGHTLY)

9. Life Boat Engine [Third Engineer]- **(**EVERY SATURDAY)

10. Emergency Fire Pump [Fourth Engineer] - **(**EVERY SATURDAY)

11. Emergency Air Compressor [Fourth Engineer] - (_EVERY SATURDAY**)**_

12. Emergency Steering gear [Second Engineer ] - (FORTNIGHTLY)

13. Emergency Bilge suction valve [Fourth Engineer] - ( MONTHLY )

14. Normally valves which are not in use [Second Engineer] - (_MONTHLY**)**_

(Ship side valve, sewage plant, isolating valve)

15. Portable Electronic tools And Equipment [Electrical officer ] - (MONTHLY)

16. Main Engine Safety Devices [Electrical officer & Second engineer] - (_MONTHLY**)**_

17. Auxiliary Engines Safety [Electrical officer & Fourth engineer] - (_MONTHLY**)**_

18. Oily Water Separator & 15 ppm indicator [Electrical officer] - **(**EVERY SATURDAY)

19. Main Engine Maneuvering. [Electrical officer & Second engineer] **- (**MONTHLY)

20. Cargo Gear all limit switches. [Electrical officer] **- (**MONTHLY)

21. Boiler Safety Valve [Electrical officer & Third engineer] - (_MONTHLY**)**_

22. Freezer room alarm, hospital room alarm, bilge alarm, incinerator room alarm and steering gear alarm [Electrical officer] **- (**MONTHLY)

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