Online Freelance Work for Mariners

Introduction to Onine Freelance Work

Shipping jobs are one of the highest paying jobs around whether you sail as a marine engineer or navigating officer. Generally speaking, even if you are sailing in junior categories such as fitter, wiper, motorman,cook, hairdresser etc either on commercial cargo ships or big cruiser liners, still you can earn much more than in a similar profession on land.

Normally the job on a ship is of contract type and you are not in permanent employment like a shore job which means after a long hard voyage ranging from few weeks to a few months, you can spend ample time at home totally relaxed and away from work. Though this is certainly welcomed in the beginning, many people especially in their young age feel that the time they are spending at home is not been utilized properly but only for spending the hard earned money that they slogged for on the ship. Hence they are always on the lookout for something to do while on land.

What to do while on leave?

Some of sailors might have a business or profession such as say a departmental store or a property dealing business which is run by their family, friends or relatives and they are sleeping partners in the same and become actively involved in it while they are on leave. Still other might like to join a shore job for the short period they are on land but most of the times no serious employer would engage them, knowing well that they could go back for their sailing any day and they will have to look for new employees.

Of course there are several types of jobs such as marine training institutes which keep mariners as lecturers for short duration in turns and ship management companies as well but today I will discuss with you a type of work which is quite different from these conventional jobs and could help to earn at least some income while on leave if not comparable to the salary on ship.

Freelance Work

I will talk about freelance working especially in context of mariners. First of all let us understand by what is exactly meant by freelance work. In the most basic terms the word freelancing refers to a kind of working arrangement where you provide services or sell your skills on temporary basis to different employers without a long term commitment with any of them. Hence it is equivalent to taking a short term employment on a contract basis or even without a contract. Therefore it is quite easy for a mariner to see that this description fits best to the type of jobs they are looking for while on leave.

It can be also seen that freelancing defines an arrangement to work rather than defining a particular type of job in itself. That is to say that any type of work performed under such an arrangement falls in the category of freelancing work. Freelancing is not something new but has been in existence since long, but of late the growth in technology and the spread of networking and Internet have really made freelancing more accessible for the common man.

Types of Skills

Each work requires a specific set of skills and talking of freelancing there is a wide variety of skills sets which could fit the bill. From the most unskilled works such as data entry to highly specialised skills such as programming, designing, and technical writing can be done in the freelancing mode. Of course these are not the only types of skills which can be freelanced but the list is literally end less limited only by the one’s imagination and capacity to work.

Since we’re talking in the context of sailors they would normally fall under the category of marine engineers, navigating officers or ship crew; it would be interesting to note what sort of freelancing jobs they could handle and most importantly a way to find such jobs.

A major misconception in the minds of people who haven’t got any experience of such work is that they usually classify freelancing job prospects along with online money scandals and fraud schemes which are also found in abundance on the Internet. Surely one needs to be careful from such fake opportunities, so how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

Read the next article on how to find freelance work and get answers to all these questions and much more.