What is Broaching? Broach Tools. Broach Elements, Part 1

What is Broaching? Broach Tools. Broach Elements, Part 1
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What is Broaching?

Broaching is the manufacturing process that allow to remove material from the piece surface, gradually by the action of cutting edges arranged in series, in a single pass by multi edge tools. These tools, which moving through a straight path, are called broaches and have very complex elements, that we discuss in this article.

The Broach

In general, the broach is made of steel, provided with teeth, forming a series cutting elements, to work different types of materials. Can be used to flatten or generate internal or external surfaces of regular or irregular shape. The broachs are hardened and tempered because the teeth of its surface cutting are undergoing major stress.

Internal Traction Broach Elements (3 out of 5)

The stem is formed by the head (1) and guide pull entry (2) (or previous tab). A dentition is composed of three parts, which are teeth trimming (3), finishing (4) and calibration(5). When the grinding is performed only by traction the rear guide does not have support (6), which is also applied when it is used under compression.


Internal Compression Broach Elements (3 out of 5)

The internal compression broaches lack the head and cable, in other words, the rod is composed only of the previous tab. The other parts of the broach are the same. It should be noted that the nomenclature of the teeth can be slightly different to the previously. Some authors have adopted the pre-finishing instead of finishing, and finishing in detriment of calibration, but the purpose and shape of teeth are the same.

Broach elements in detail

The head of traction is part of the broach where it connects the device to pull broaching. Its shape depends on the type of setting allowed by the machine.

The previous tab is intended to focus the tool on the initial hole and it must have a minimum length equal to the length to be broached (thick part) and its diameter need to be equal to the initial hole diameter.

In the next article, Broach Elements – Part 2, we will aboard the other elements and teeth design, which is crucial for the perfect broach operation.

This post is part of the series: Broaching

Broaching is one of the most precise and productive process in the metalworking area and despite the high costs of broachs, its largelly applied in the automobiles industry.

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