Mechanical Engineering Jobs: Maintenance Management

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Do you think that after completing Mechanical Engineering you will only get a luxurious job? Read on. The Mechanical Engineering job of the Maintenance Manager is one of the toughest and roughest, and many times thankless. As a Maintenance Engineer you will be in charge of the maintenance of the machines. You will ensure that the machines are running smoothly without any problems. Whenever a machine breaks down you have to take actions on a war-footing basis to repair, otherwise the company stands to lose lots of money.

As a Maintenance Engineer, you will always work in the background; you won’t be in direct limelight. But whenever you are in limelight, it is for the wrong reasons. Some machine has broken down and all the attention will be on you. Your boss will be standing right above your head to get the machines working promptly. If the machine is highly critical, it could be the major machine in the chemical company, you will face lots of stress. The Vice President or even the President will be in your contact eager to know when the machine will get repaired.

The job is thankless, because when the machine gets repaired and the production starts, hardly anybody will think of you. Everyone will get involved in the routine chores of manufacturing and production and they will literally forget about you. Obviously, they will only come back to you if there is problem in the machine again.

The job of the Maintenance Engineer is indeed tough. When the machine breaks down you not only have to sustain the pressures of top brass, but also have to motivate your team to finish the job at the earliest. Getting others to get the work done is not easy; it requires lots of skill and patience. For Maintenance Engineers there is no difference between day and night. You can receive a call at anytime of the night and you will have to rush to the company to smooth things over.

However, if there are no maintenance problems in the company, you will spend many days idly at work. You will consider yourself the luckiest person in the company, being paid for no work at all. While the others will be stressed to achieve the targets, you will be relaxing and enjoying your drinks in the cafeteria. Just remember this is only a temporary phase. Once the machine breaks down, your overtimes will start again, there is no end to the sleepless nights. I’m sure Maintenance Engineer enjoys all these chores of their adventurous life.

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