Do You Have What it Takes to be a Power Plant Engineer? Learn More About This Career in the Mechanical Engineering Field

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After completing your Mechanical Engineering course you can find a good job in thermal, hydraulic or nuclear power plant as a Power Plant Engineer. There is a great demand for Mechanical Engineering students in this field. Mechanical engineers are especially required in the thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.

If you take up a job as a Power Plant Engineer in a thermal power plant, you will have to play a double role. You will be in charge of the operation as well as maintenance of the thermal power plant.

The thermal power plants produces power by converting water into steam in huge boilers. For heating water mostly coal is used, though a number of other fuels can also be used. As a Power Plant Engineer you will ensure that the machines are running to the optimum capacity and that power as per the specifications is produced continuously. You will also maintain heavy duty machines like boilers, turbines, pumps, compressors, blowers etc.

In plants where coal is used you will see black dust almost everywhere. Lots of smoke is generated which at times becomes highly suffocating. If you are not wearing a cap, your hair is bound to become very dirty at the end of the day.

The job of the Power Plant Engineer, especially in thermal power plants, includes great responsibility. It is you who will actually be responsible for the generation of the power that keeps the city and the nation moving ahead confidently, for without power there is no life.

Life in a nuclear power plant is easier. There will be a team of chemical engineers who will be more responsible for the operation of the plant; your job will be to maintain the machines. You will carry out preventive as well breakdown maintenance of machines like turbines, pumps, blowers etc.

Even in hydraulic power plants, the job of mechanical engineers is prominently to carry out the maintenance of the plant. The operations of the hydraulic power plants are usually taken care of by civil engineers with specialization in fluid power.

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