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Window air conditioners are one of the most popular types of air conditioners being used. Whether it’s your study room, bedroom, or hall, the window air conditioner can be used for almost all types of spaces.

To fit the window air conditioner in your room, you need to make a slot in one of the walls of the room that is to be cooled. This system extends around two feet beyond the wall in the back side; hence behind the wall some free space should be available so that the hot air can be thrown easily from the condenser. The dew collected from the room is also thrown from the back of the air conditioner. Thus window air conditioners can be used only if there is place available in the wall to make the slot, and there is free space behind the wall for dissipating the heat and dripping water.

Window air conditioners are comprised of components like the compressor, condenser, expansion valve or expansion coil, and the evaporator or the cooling coil, all housed in a single box. There is also a motor which has shafts on both sides. On one side of the shaft the blower is connected, which sucks hot air from the room and blows it over the cooling coil, thus cooling it and sending it to the room. On the other shaft the fan is connected, which blows the air over Freon gas passing through the condenser.

The window air conditioner is the cheapest of all air conditioning systems. If your room or office size is about less than 100 sq. ft. a window air conditioner of about 0.8 ton can be good enough. If the size of room is more than this but less than 200 sq. ft. your HVAC designer will recommend a window air conditioner of about 1 ton. For rooms of bigger sizes but less than 300 sq. ft. the system of about 1.5 ton is advisable. However, these sizes may change depending upon the number of people occupying the space, its alignment with respect to sun, and other sources of heat generation inside the room. It is better to consult your HVAC designer to find out the exact size of window air conditioner suitable for your space.

One of the complaints that window air conditioners have had is that they tend to make noise inside the room. But this problem has been greatly overcome by the present day efficient and less noisy rotary compressors, which also consume less electricity. Today a number of fancy and elegant looking models of window air conditioners are available that enhance the beauty of your rooms.

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