How To Build an EMF Home Protection System - Or Rather a Health Protector!

How To Build an EMF Home Protection System - Or Rather a Health Protector!
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Not too many of us must be familiar with the exact purpose of an EMF home protection system or the way it functions. The following explanation should throw some light on the subject3

The space existing in between the earth’s crust and the ionosphere acts like a kind of a wave guide for all possible electromagnetic waves propagated on this planet. Since the volume of this strip of atmosphere is relatively compact, the propagation of these waves becomes quite easier.

Our body (the human body) has invariably evolved through the years as a DC (Direct Current) conductor. The earth also behaves like a massive “ground” to suck in whatever DC is present in the atmospheric content.

So any DC absorbed by our body is always grounded through our feet to the earth.

But due to some huge technological development in the recent past, especially in the telecommunications field, we have dumped a great variety of biological meaninglessness into our only atmosphere.

Yes, we are talking about the microwaves emanating from our indispensible mobile phones and other wireless equipment that we are today very much habituated to using.

Our body absorbs these waves but is not able to sink them into the earth as they are totally mistuned to the earth’s “ground.”

Due to this malfunction our body is forced to resonate at these high microwave frequencies producing adverse and detrimental effects in our body.

How to Build an EMF Home Protection System

A simple electronic circuit idea of an EMF home protection system presented here may possibly help to reduce the ill effects of the above discussed problem. Referring to the diagram it can be understood through the following explanations:

  • An electromagnetic frequency (EMF) receiver picks up and amplifies any stray EMF in the atmosphere. The function is effectively carried out by Op Amp (A), which is configured as a hi-gain AC amplifier.

  • This amplified signal is fed to another op amp (B) which is wired as an inverting amplifier. This section performs an important function of inverting the EMF voltage so that it becomes totally out of phase to the received EMF.

  • This out of phase signal is applied to the input of a RF transmitter which transmits it back into the atmosphere.

  • This transmitted signal immediately reacts and nullifies the present EMF in the air. This happens because the transmitted signal is exactly opposite in phase to the existing harmful EMF.

  • The above cycle takes place almost instantly (within a fraction of a second) and continues as long as the EMF persists in the air.

Construction Hints

The construction of this simple EMF home protection circuit is very easy to build and does not need much of explanation.

The whole circuit can be soldered in a piece of general purpose board and wired with the help of the given circuit schematic.

You can get the coil construction details HERE.

How to Test It

The testing of the circuit is simply done in the following method:

  • To begin with, keep the inverting amplifier’s output (opamp B) disconnected to the RF amplifier.

  • Connect a 9 Volt PP3 battery to the supply terminals of the completed circuit board.

  • At this instant nothing really happens to the circuit! Take out your mobile phone, make a call through it or just check your balance information over the phone…

  • The moment the call is “plugged,” the LED in the circuit will start flickering violently.

  • Now connect the output of the inverting amplifier to the RF transmitter.

  • As explained above, try making a call over your cell phone once again.

  • Now, the LED should flicker just for a fraction of a second and then get extinguished, confirming two points: The generation of microwaves through the mobile phone and immediate neutralization of these by the reversed phased signals through the circuit.

This concludes the testing procedure of the circuit of EMF home protection system. But, well, as far as the verification of the result is concerned, you may have to wait for a couple of months after installing it in your house, when perhaps you may start witnessing a sudden positive change in your health condition… Good luck!