Unigraphics Tutorial – UG Sweep along Guide, Helical Spring in UGS

Sweep option is available with all the 3D CAD packages; by using various types of sweep operation you can create some tubular kind of 3D features. Unigraphics has three types of sweep: Swept, Variational sweep, and sweep along guide. This Unigraphics tutorial will discuss only the third type.

How to Create Sweep Along Guide

Say, you want to design a helical compression spring and you need to create a 3D model of the spring. You can use the UG sweep along guide option here. How?

  • First, you have to create the helical datum curve, the spine of the spring. For that, go to insert→curve→helix and the helix dialogue box will appear:

Helix Dialogue Box

  • Enter the design data of the spring, such as number of turns, pitch, direction of turn and radius in the respective field.
  • Next, you have to set the location of the spring, for that click the point constructor button and create a point at your desired location.
  • The spring will take the Z direction of the presently activated co-ordinate system.
  • Click the Ok button to see the generated helix curve.
  • Create the cross section datum curve of the spring at one end of the helix like below:

UG Helix Curve

  • Go to insert→sweep→sweep along guide to get the sweep along guide dialogue box appear to your screen:

UG sweep along guide

  • Click the select curve icon of the section and select the cross section circular curve.
  • Now click the select curve icon of the guide section and click the helix curve.
  • Click OK and see the helical spring on your screen.
  • Use the first offset and second offset values, incase you want to create a hollow spring instead of a solid one.


For creating the constant cross section curved types of Unigraphics feature you can think of using the sweep along guide option in UG. Once you understand the Unigraphics tutorial, I recommend you to create a S shaped I beam in UGS.

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