Pro Engineer Surface Modeling Tutorial -The Simplest Command to Start ProE Surface Modeling

Pro Engineer is a versatile 3D CAD modeling tool. Like casting design, sheet metal design and FEA, ProE is used widely for surface modeling. The boundary blend is a Pro Engineer surface modeling command used mainly for creating smooth but irregular surfaces, where you know the surrounding 2D or 3D boundary curves of it.

Boundary Blend

Let’s say you need to create a piece of ProE surface just like the one shown in the above picture, then boundary blend will be the perfect surface modeling option for you.

Boundary blend can be use either for one directional problems (like blends) or for two directional problems (like one shown in the above picture). For one directional problem you need to have minimum two boundary curves and for two directional problems minimum three curves are required.

How to Approach

Boundary Blend Curves

  • Please understand that the curve-2 and curve-3 are the first direction curves and the curve-1 is the second direction curve here.
  • Now, go to insert>boundary blend and you will get a Pro Engineer window like below:

Boundary Blend Example

  • Click in the “1st direction curves” selection box and select the curve-1. Then select “2nd direction curves” selection box and select the curve-2.
  • Click “Ok” and you will be seeing that you have just created the desired surface.


Like other 3D CAD packages, ProE surface modeling also have multiple options for performing the same task. For example, the surface you will create using boundary blend may also be created using blend option. But the command boundary blend is perfect for the smooth but non-uniform surfaces, where you have all the curves defined surrounding the desired surface.

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