ProE Tutorial on Config Options: and

ProE Tutorial on Config Options: and
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If you want to change any of the default settings related to handling of operations (like changing default tolerance angular dimensions) in ProE,then you should change the default value and save it to the file. The following steps need to be followed for modifying the file:

  • Open Pro Engineer.

  • Go to Tools>Options, and the Options dialog box will open.

  • Settings from the most recently loaded will be displayed there.

  • You can modify any of already displayed settings by clicking the Value field.

  • To know all the possible options can be changed, click the Find button and the Find option dialog box will open as below:

  • Put ‘_’ in the keyword field and click Find Now.

  • The list of all possible settings will appear with default value and description.

  • Change the desired setting

  • Click on Add/Change.

  • The option will be added to the list in the main option window.

  • Click Apply and OK.

  • Notice the path of storage at top left corner of the Options window. It should be either to the ProE load point directory or your login directory or ProE working directory.

For example, if you change the value of prompt_on_exit from no to yes then you will see that ProE will prompt you to save the unsaved data before exiting.

The file needs to be changed only if you want to add/remove some of the icons from the Pro Engineer default GUI. For example, you may think of adding Erase not displayed icon permanently to your ProE GUI. For changing, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Open Pro Engineer.

  • Go to Tools>Customize screen, and the Customize window will open like below:

  • Pick the desired icon from the Command tab of this window and place to the ProE GUI.

  • For changing other GUI settings like width of ProE GUI, etc. go to Other tab and select suitable options.

  • Notice the file saving path at the bottom of the Customize window.

  • The file should be either to the ProE load point directory or your login directory or ProE working directory.

How ProE reads ProE Config options files at startup

If a particular option is present in Config files of more than one of the above locations then ProE will consider the latest one to be executed. For example, if you place a file in ProE load point directory, in which prompt_on_exit value is yes. And one more file in your login directory, in which prompt_on_exit value is no. Then, your ProE won’t prompt for saving file while exiting.

  • First Pro Engineer reads & files from ProE load point directory (normally, C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 2.0\text\).
  • Next, Pro Engineer reads ProE Config files from your login directory (For me it is C:\Documents and Settings\ons\My Documents\).
  • Last, ProE reads & from Pro Engineer working directory.

Conclusion and files are very important for customizing the looks and feels of ProE. Examples explained in this ProE tutorial are typical and you can explore many such ProE Config options along the same line.

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