Pro-Engineer Tips. Tips for Pro-Engineer. Some important tips to speed up your modeling in pro-engineer

Once you have learned fair amounts of pro engineer of your daily use, you will be having some confident of doing experiments with pro engineer and over a period of time you will find some or other short cuts for the sequence of operation you perform and in turns you will learn to save your valuable pro engineer modeling time. There are some ready made short cuts already available in market, which will bound to cut short you pro engineer modeling time. Some of these are:

  • Mapkeys: By using mapkeys you can actually combine a group of operation together and thus avoid repetitive operations over and over. You will be able to map repetitive command sequences to single or group of keyboard keys by means of mapkeys.

How to create mapkeys: For creating most useful mapkeys for you, first decide which group of commands are the most repetitively used in your daily pro engineer work life. The more number of commands you could combined under a mapkeys, the higher the time savings by you. For creating mapkeys you will be following: Tools>mapkeys>new. Once you have done that, record mapkey dialogue box will be opened, which looks like below:

recording mapkeys

Give a single or group of keyboard key as the key sequence of the mapkey, you can give function keys as well but for that $ sign is needed in front of the key sequence, in fact this is the normal practice to use functions key for key sequences. In the name field, a suitable name could be given in order to memorize the mapkey for further use. There are ProE and OS scripts tabs for creating mapkeys, but if you are not familiar with OS scripts at this point of time, then ignore it, you can still be able to create all the mapkeys you needed. Be at the pro/e tab and click on record and go on performing the commands you want to include in the mapkeys. Hit the pause button when you will feel that a user input will be require and after that again hit the resume button and finally the stop button when you will end up with adding all the required commands. After doing all this save the mapkey, it will be saved in current file.

How to get all my mapkeys in every sessions of pro engineer?

Normally you will not like to create mapkeys for every session. For this reason after saving the mapkeys to file of the session, where you have created the mapkeys, you have to copy the file to starting directory of your pro engineer (normally it may be, C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 2.0\bin). You will get all your mapkeys at every session now.

  • Using Pro engineer short cut keys: By using pro engineer regularly, you will be able to remember some of the short cut keys for different pro engineer commands. If you go through the different menu options, you will observe that some of the letters are been underlined; you can use that letter with alt key to get that option. For example you want to do erase not displayed, then you have to hit alt+f +e+ d together. Similarly you can discover your own sets of short cuts.

  • Simplified representation: Using simplified representations are extremely important when you are dealing with large assemblies. For creating and using simplified representations in pro engineer, you will be going to view>view manager>simp rep. You will be creating a new representation by clicking new there. For using an existing simplified representation, right click on that rep and set active it.