Pro Engineer Geometric Tolerance Tutorial: How to Create Gtol Dimension in ProE

Steps for creating Gtol dimension in ProE model

  • Create the model on which you want to show Gtol dimension.
  • Go to tools → options.
  • Set the value of create_drawing_dims_only to no. This step is required otherwise GD&T symbols won’t be visible.
  • Go to editsetupGeom TolSpecify Tol , geometric tolerance dialogue box will open like below:
Gtol in ProE
  • You have to select GD&T symbol from the left hand side.
  • Click on the ‘Select Model’ button and select the ProE model.
  • Select required surface for which you want to add ProE Gtol dimension.
  • Now the ‘Placement Type’ will be activated, select the dimension with which you want to add geometric tolerance frame.
  • Now click on the ‘Datum refs’ tab to specify datum planes and material conditions.
  • Click OK to see the ProE Gtol dimension with your model.
  • Now to see this Geometric tolerance dimension in Pro Engineer drawing, go to drawing mode and go to Viewshow and Erase. The Show/Erase dialogue box will open. Click on the Dimension and Geometric Tolerance button there.
  • Now Click on the Show All button and OK.
  • That’s it, and the GD&T symbol will now be visible with your ProE drawing.

Steps for creating Gtol dimension directly in ProE drawing

Just Now we have discussed how to create Gtol dimension in Pro Engineer model and bring it to ProE drawing. Now we will see how to create Gtol dimension in ProE drawing itself.

  • Open a ProE drawing.
  • Go to insertdimensionentity select any drawing entity which you want to dimension.
  • Go to insertgeometric tolerance.
  • Same ‘Geometric Tolerance’ dialogue box will open.
  • Provide Gtol dimension in the same way as you have given for part.

Please note that the Gtol dimension you will create in ProE drawing won’t be visible in a ProE model.


Preparing a ProE drawing with Gtol dimension is important from a manufacturing and fabrication point of view. A Gtol dimension can be created either in a Pro Engineer model or directly in a ProE drawing.

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