Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD) Benefits – Design Analysis

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The use of computer aided design systems helps in betterment of the designing because it improves the design analysis process. Design analysis with CAD systems helps in achieving optimum design and reducing overall time for designing the product. Let us see these benefits in details:

Design Analysis

In the traditional designing process the designing and analysis are two different groups. Design group designs the object while the second group carries out its analysis. This creates time lag between designing and analysis and also back and forth exchange between the groups. There are also chances that the analysis group may be busy with analysis of the other designs so the designers will have to keep their job in queue. If the feedback of the analysis group is not communicated properly, there are chances that the design group may not be able to carry out required changes. Thus there is lots of waste of time and the optimum design may not be obtained eventually.

With the computer aided design and drafting systems the working system change completely. The CAD systems are equipped with not only the designing tools but also the analysis tools. Thus the designer or the group of designers that carries out the designing process of the object also carries out the analysis of the object. The designer does not have to depend on the other people for analysis so there is no wastage of time in starting the analysis process. The designer won’t have to keep the design in queue for analysis, thus savings lots of precious time.

Since the designing person carries out the analysis on its own they will know in better way what changes in the design of the product are needed to get the optimum design and there won’t be any communication problem. With the computer aided design system the designer works in a real time manner simultaneously on designing and analysis process of the object.

Thus the design and analysis carried out by using CAD software by a single person helps in reducing the overall time of designing and improving the design. Faster designing reduces the overall time of the manufacture of the product and better design helps manufacturing highly reliable and functional product of high quality at low cost.


Book: CAD/CAM: Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing by Mikell P. Groover and Emory W. Zimmers

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