Benefits of CAD Systems or Computer Aided Designing – Shorter lead times

Short Lead Times

By using CAD systems many processes becomes faster thus reducing the lead times. The computer aided design and drafting process is inherently faster than the traditional process. Making the drawings, preparing reports of assembly and part drawings, making specifications, preparing bill of materials etc are all much easier and faster by using the CAD systems. Here are the processes in which lead time is reduced compared to traditional designing and drafting processes:

1) Launching new product: If the company has to launch new product the designing and drafting process can be completed faster, which also translates in to faster manufacturing of the product. Thus the company can launch the new product faster than the competition and gain competitive edge in the market. In fact it is due to fast designing by using CAD that the companies are now launching the new products at the speed much faster than ever before.

2) Faster completion of orders: Some companies receive orders for designing the components and then manufacturing them. Fast designing by using the CAD software helps the designer to send the product drawings and specifications at much faster speed to the production engineer at the shop floor who can start manufacturing the product in shorter times. Thus by using the computer aided systems completion of orders becomes faster.

3) Reduction in overall time of manufacturing: The total time required for manufacturing the product includes the time required for designing, engineering analysis, drafting and actual manufacturing of the product. In the traditional designing process the designing, engineering analysis and drafting time are major time consuming processes and thus very critical. Due to CAD systems these processes require much lesser time, hence they become far less critical in overall product manufacturing lead time.

These days even the manufacturing processes have been almost completely computerized and they are called computer aided manufacturing (CAM) processes. The integration of CAD and CAM has further greatly reduced the product manufacturing lead time since the manufacturing time has also reduced and it has become less critical.


CAD/CAM: Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing by Mikell P. Groover and Emory W. Zimmers

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