Marine Engineering: What is it all About?

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What is a Marine Engineer?

Marine engineering is a specialized field of study which deals with the engineering aspects of marine related equipment found on board ships, boats and so forth. Infact it is a very vast subject and there are several related fields of study such as naval architecture which may not directly fall under the purview of marine engineering but act as sister arenas. If you want to have a broad idea about the types of machineries found on board commercial vessels, just take a look at this article.

Marine vessels come in various shapes and sizes and mainly we will mainly study about commercial vessels although naval vessels are not much different at least as far their engineering aspects are concerned, though they do have substantial differences in terms of their purpose and operations.


Here is an interesting link in the form of a short descriptive video about marine engineers and naval architects

Naval Architecture: while marine engineering deals mainly with the maintenance of marine machinery, that is to say with the operational aspects of a ship, naval architecture deals with the design and construction phase of the vessels. Just as an architect creates a blueprint for a building or a structure before it is actually constructed, similarly a naval architect creates the plans, designs etc before the actual construction of a vessel commences.

Nautical Science: a vehicle is not much useful without the person/s used to run or operate it, and this is true for all types of vehicles including automobiles, manned spaceships and so forth. Of course the difference lies between the level of sophistication of the vehicles and the technology used. For example a car is a pretty simple technological device (relatively speaking) as compared to a spacecraft which requires specialized training and knowledge to operate it. Marine vehicles fall somewhere midway and require personnel with specialized knowledge of nautical science to operate the vessels.

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Since this is the debut article of this channel, I thought it would help to broadly introduce the concept to the readers, while we will study the various facets and aspects of marine engineering in the coming days. Also the related fields such as those described above will also be discussed in context of the main area of study. It is hoped that the readers (you people) will read the articles of this channel with the same interest and enthusiasm as they have been giving to other channels on this website. On our part we assure you to provide authentic information which is not only useful but also fun to read.