Navy Chief Engineer Duties Explained

Administrative Duties

In the ship’s engine room, the chief engineer always plays a significant role. He must ensure communication within the engine department, with head office and with the navigation department of the ship. Some of the main administrative duties of the chief engineer include.

  1. Maintain routine machinery survey and report to company and classification society on any deficiency and malfunction.
  2. To maintain record of all valid certificates.
  3. To ensure all survey items are updated.
  4. To communicate with company and helping the company on technical aspects.
  5. To report to company on maintenance and for any accidents.
  6. To submit voyage report, monthly main engine performance and ad-hoc reports the company.
  7. To plan job and delegate duties to subordinates.
  8. To appraise and evaluate performance of subordinates.

Emergency Duties

Prevention is always better than cure. The chief engineer must always be prepared for all contingencies that may happen in the engine room and take precautionary measures.

  1. Ensure safe working practices for engine room staff and correct them if they are not.
  2. To provide instructions and train engine room staff to handle crisis situations such as fire or flood. Engine room staffs should be properly trained and fire drill should be out at least once a month.
  3. To co-ordinate fire fighting between deck and engine room.
  4. To enforce procedures for bunkering of fuel oil, safety precautions and oil pollution control measures.
  5. To ensure emergency fire pump, emergency generator and lifeboat etc are in good working condition.
  6. To ensure first aid boxes are equipped with all relevant medicines and are placed in work shop and engine control room. Staff personnel are trained to handle emergency medical attention.
  7. Conduct fire detection alarm fire fighting equipments and life boat tests.
  8. During crisis the chief engineer has to access situation and lead the team accordingly, for example if the ship grounded, collision, black out, oil pollution etc.

Chief engineer is not only a good technocrat but he should also be a good in managing aspects also he should know to manage the engine crew members and motivate them for the better performance .

In next upcoming article let us discuss about some other aspects of the duties of the chief engineer.