Deep sea diving career in context of marine engineering

Deep sea diving career in context of marine engineering
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This is for people who love water and can spend hours together in the same. Hydrophobic people please don’t read further. Just imagine how great it would be if people could be paid for what they love to do. How many people are there in the world who love the job that they do? A handful??Maybe less Isn’t it the starkest truth that more that three-fourth of the world’s working population hates to go to work every morning. Probably they are yet to find the wild and adventurous sides of them. For those who are already successful in finding one and by any chance have an inclination towards water, this is the career for them!

As we have discussed in our previous articles, there are several career options related to sea such as marine engineers, navigating officers where you can work in various types of ships such as cruise liners, tankers, bulkers, [DP vessels]( what-are-they-used-for/), Research Ships or Oil Platforms. Yet the career of a diver is unique that the work is performed underwater so get on with reading this article.

What is deep sea diving?

Many of you might have done or at least seen scuba diving. Deep sea diving is a kind of scuba diving that is done in deep sea waters. Unlike scuba diving which is generally done for recreational activities, deep sea diving is done with a purpose, mainly of doing an underwater work. Deep sea diving sometimes involve usage of hi-tech equipments. Greater the depths lesser the equipments used. Deep sea diving requires high level of seriousness and physical strength. Moreover it also requires a certain degree of courage to spend several hours underwater aned that too at great depths.

Many high skilled divers just use an underwater mask, suit , flippers and breathing apparatus, and refrain from carrying heavy tanks on their back as that makes working at greater depths difficult. But this practice requries a high amount of mental strength as working at such great depths without an oxygen backup is extremely risky.

What do Deep Sea divers do?

There are numerous job opportunities if you are a deep sea diver. Deep sea diving is similar to commercial diving where divers are hired for a variety of underwater activities. The chief among them are as follows :

Ship surveying divers


Divers are hired to inspect those sections of a ship which are under water. This is done when the ship is anchored at a port or is at dry dock. Inspection can be for checking the material of the hull surface or a routine inspection for detecting cracks or damage due to some accident. They might also be asked to clean the hull surface. Some divers undergo specialized training to learn repair and maintenance of rudder, propeller, bow thrusters and other under water parts that cannot be repaired from inside the ship.

Welder Specialist Divers

underwater-welder 1

This is a tough job which involves high level of risk. The divers who are specialized in this job are always in high demand. Companies dealing with offshore structures like oil rig platforms are always in need of under water welders. They are also required in salvaging activities that involves cutting metal structures that are fixed to the sea floor. They are also required by companies who are involved in building bridges, dams and laying underwater pipelines.

Rigging Specialist Divers

These divers deal with all the underwater activities related to oil rigs. They are even required to assist in installation and operation of cranes. Some of these divers are also burning specialists. They perform all the underwater burning and cutting activities using tubular and exothermic rods. It requires an additional special training to become a burning specialist.

diver burning or welding

Medical Technician Divers

As diving is an extremely dangerous activity, chances of accidents are always there. Medical technician are trained medicos who can give first aid even underwater. As divers stay underwater for a prolonged period of time they often experience sicknesses such as extreme fatigue, decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis. They are even trained to operate pressurized chambers and give emergency congestive heart failure treatment.

Divers are also hired by scientists and oceanographers to bring them samples of marine plants and animals.




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