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Oasis of the Sea: The World's Largest Cruise Ship

written by: Raunekk • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 2/11/2012

A 1181 feet long cruise ship that is almost ready to set sail. Currently under construction, It would be the biggest and costliest ship ever made in the whole world. The bookings are already open and people are dying to get a glimpse of it. Re-birth of Titanic? Let's find out.

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    Would you believe me if I said that a new titanic was in the making? On the contrary, I should say a new titanic which has a passenger carrying capacity almost double than that of the original titanic. Not only that its, length is also twice than that of the original one. Well friends, the largest cruise ship’s name is not titanic but Oasis of the Seas. It would be the largest passenger ship in the world and also the costliest.

    This daring step has been taken by the Royal Caribbean Cruises, the pioneer cruise line in the industry (Read this article about top 10 cruise lines). The ship is under construction and will hit the high seas in three to four months. It is a highly modernized ship with all the latest technologies you can ever think of. It also includes some innovative entertainment ideas which have never been used in the cruise industry before.

    The ship is being built under the project named Genesis. The ship has already created a wave in the shipping industry and it seems that it deserves all the hype that has been generated. Let’s take a look as to what is there in this ship which is going to give other cruise lines a run for their money.

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    Some Facts

    Oasis of the Sea will have a passenger carrying capacity of 6,400 passengers. The length of the ship is approximately 1181 feet and it will weight 2,20,000 tonne. If you look at the graphically generated pictures you will feel that it is not a ship but a mini-city. It has streets with lamp posts, parks, small lakes and even movie theaters. It will have 16 huge decks which would be brandished with the finest of the hospitality facilities.

    The overall cost for constructing the ship would be around 1.24 billion dollars. The ship is under construction in one of the finest ship yards in Finland. All these statistics should assure you that it is indeed the biggest cruise ship in the world

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    A City in the Sea

    If you have a close look at the graphically designed pictures, you would feel that the ship would have interiors that perfectly resemble an urban city's essentials such as restaurants, cafeterias and night clubs, which would give a feeling of home, away from the home. The ship will be sailing through some of the most exotic and beautiful places on the earth. The managment has taken due consideration that the ship doesn't miss any of the important ports of the world.

    Once the ship is sucessfully launched, Royal Caribbean is planning to lauch a sister ship which is expected to be bigger than this. The ship, oasis of the seas is under constuction and its different parts are being constructed simultaneously in 13 different ports throughout Norway.

    It is said that the shopping mall of the ship will be the biggest shopping mall ever made in the history, on both land and sea.

    It will have an amphi-theater which is supposed to be a size of a foot-ball ground. It will also have walls with rock climbing facilities and the ship will also have micro climate controlling system.

    With so many facilities, this ship will not only be a haven for passengers, it will also be an excellent opportunity for those with the right kind of skills who want to get a cruise ship job

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