Marine Industry Jobs – How to find a job

Current Job Scenario

The current global jobs market does not make attractive reading for anyone who is looking for employment either due to redundancy or as a first time job hunter. With a different company every day laying off workers due to high operational costs and an inability to meet these costs under the global credit crisis, the consequence is that there are more people looking for work than there are jobs to give them. This also has the effect of making people default on mortgages or rent, rendering more than a few homeless. It is becoming clear to some that the best way of recession-proofing their immediate future may be to refocus their search, and possibly to consider taking a less conventional approach.

How about a marine job?

One of these approaches could well be to look at working on board a ship. The advantages of doing this are demonstrable in today’s economy. Firstly, with a high level of turnover in the field of maritime jobs, there is usually a role available for the person who is prepared to look for it. The fact that there is such a high turnover does not necessarily mean that, on taking the job, you should expect your own employment to be short term. If you like the job, and work hard at it, there is scope to turn an initial six month contract into a long term career. It certainly is not a one-size-fits-all answer, and there will be as many people who loathe the idea as love it. But when jobs are hard to find, the knowledge that there are opportunities out there is often enough to make the situation a lot lighter.

Sea is your home

The other huge concern in the current global financial crisis is one of housing – another element which can make a job in the seafaring industries a lot more attractive. Especially for those with no immediate dependants, or those who can find alternative accommodation for their families while they are away, a job on board a sea-going vessel can be advantageous because often the accommodation comes as part of the job. It can be deducted from the wages, or offered at a reduced cost and, depending on the job it can even offer an opportunity for a couple or a family. To be able to rely on a paying job and a roof over one’s head in this day and age is no small thing.

Nothing is Perfect

Of course there are drawbacks to working on board a sea faring vessel – not least of these is the fact that it can take you far away from loved ones and a place where you feel at home. But no job is perfect, and just as there are many who will feel less well-disposed towards a maritime job because of the above reasons, there will be those who find it a way to get away from things that had been troubling them. There are plenty of maritime jobs out there, and there are agencies – many of them Internet-based – that will offer guidance for anyone interested in the industry.