What is Ozone Hole? Causes of Ozone Layer Hole.

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  1. What is ozone hole and what are its causes?

- The sever depletion of the ozone layer in the Antarctic region is called as the ozone hole. A major chunk of ozone layer has disappeared from this region. The temperatures in the Antarctic region are very cold throughout the year. The cold temperature atmospheres of the stratosphere of the Antarctica create the clouds called as Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC). The period of survival of ozone layer depletion causing gases, chlorine and bromine, is longer in these atmosphere that is why they cause maximum destruction in these regions.

  1. What is the severity of ozone layer depletion in Antarctica region?

- The severity of destruction of ozone layer in the Antarctica region depends greatly on the seasons. The maximum destruction occurs during spring-winter in the months from August to November. The peak destruction of ozone layer in this region occurs in the month of October reducing the level of ozone by as much as two thirds in some locations leading to the formation of ozone hole. The size of the ozone hole can be as large as the size of the Antarctica continent.

  1. Is there any depletion of ozone layer in the Arctic regions?

- Yes, there is depletion of ozone layer in Arctic regions also especially during the winter-spring seasons in the months from January to April. The destruction of ozone layer caused in the Arctic regions is much lesser than that in the Antarctica regions.

  1. How much ozone layer has been lost globally till now?

- As per the estimates, till now about 3% of the ozone layer has been lost globally. The maximum loss has been in the Polar Regions and the minimum loss has been in the regions near the equator. The ozone layer depletion occurs maximum in the cold weathers.

  1. Is there any effect of the changes in the solar radiations and volcanic eruptions on ozone depletion?

- The changes in the radiations of sun do affect the ozone layer depletion. During volcanic eruptions a number of harmful gases are released that affect the ozone layer.


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