How to make bunker plan and why we should not mix incompatible oils?

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Do Not Mix Incompatable Oils:

Never add gas diesel oil to heavy bunker fuel to overcome viscosity problems as this is likely to aggravate the situation.

Never take new or old bunkers of good quality in bunker tanks, which have contained incompatible or sub-standard oil before the tanks have been thoroughly emptied and cleaned. The degree of tank cleaning required will depended on the nature of the actual bunker oil and shall be decided in each individual case. Normally chemical cleaning will be required.

Make an agreement with the bunker supplier whether delivery is to be stopped from shore or from the ship and also agree on the rate of the delivery.

Check weather the bunker line is too flushed after delivery and make certain that sufficient spaces are available in the tanks.

Make sure that the entire bunker system is correctly lined up .check against bunkering line arrangement drawing.

Make certain that bunker line coupling are free from leakage before delivery is adjusted to full rate.

Check during delivery against pre-calculated bunkering plan to ensure that correct amount is received.

Check upon completion bunkering:

Make certain that the bunker delivery note is received, stating the quantity of bunkers and quantity delivered.

Witness the final shore or barge measurements and check the quantity received with figure on the delivery note.

In case of discrepancies, the supplier shall be notified immediately in writing by handing to him a “Letter of Protest “stating the shortage. The Operation Department should be notified about the discrepancies.

Make sure that a representative’s sealed sample of each of every delivery is received from the supplier.

Quantity correction:

The fuel oil will always contain a number of non-combustible materials, most of which are impurities, which will be removed in the onboard pre-treatment plant. Consequently the quantity of fuel consumed for propulsion and generation will consequently be less compared with the quantity received during bunkering.

In order to have the log book entries correspond with the actual soundings taken, an appropriate correction is necessary in the log book and in the Voyage Report.

The correction shall be carried out before a new bunkering takes place, and preferably when all bunker storage tanks are empty as this will give the most correct result.