Where to Find Plans to Make a Simple Wooden Boat

Where to Find Plans to Make a Simple Wooden Boat
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Wooden boat sailing is the love of many people. However, it isn’t always affordable to buy new wooden boats, therefore people resort to the solution of making their own boats. Most of the simple wooden boats are easy and cheap to construct. The web is full of available online sources for cheap or free boat plans and designs.

The following list contains some of the most popular websites, offering low-cost wooden boat design plans:

  • Classic Wooden Boat Plans: They sell classic wooden boat plans in full size downloadable PDF’s, easily readable and printed at all large print shops.
  • Vintage Projects Collection: They sell multiple project plans, including wooden boats for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Most of the plans are in PDF format. The customer receives the plans on a CD and can even contribute his own building plans.
  • Boat Plans On-Line**:** Home boat builders may order their design plans on-line from this website. They also offer Free D4 dinghy plans.
  • Glen-L: Suitable for home woodworkers, offering plans, patterns, and kits at good prices.
  • Devlin Boat Design: Boat plans for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Clark Craft: They offer wooden boat kits, plans, and boatbuilding designs.
  • Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans : Wooden and plywood boat plans for amateur boatbuilders.
  • Bruce Roberts Yacht Design: Wood/Epoxy Sails and Powerboat Plans
  • Guillemot Kayaks: Kayak and small boat design plans. They can make the construction themselves or the customer can construct the boat on his own.
  • Morten Olesen boat builder and Naval Architect: Offers plans, 3-D computer models, courses and a complete list of all materials requires for various types of wooden boats.
  • Selway Fisher : Yacht and boat design plans and manuals for both the amateur and professional builder. All designs are by Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA.
  • Gator Boat Co.: They specialize in easy to follow plans for traditional Southeastern US small craft: Sneak boats, Pirogues, Skiffs and Strip boats

Online Sites Offering Boat Design Magazines

  • Small Craft Advisor: This is a magazine containing boat and plan reviews, cartop cruising, reader boat feature, boat projects and more.
  • Duckworks 2011: This is an online magazine for boat building, plans and materials found at good prices and quality.
  • WoodenBoat’s: The site offers all the issues of “WoodenBoat” and “Professional BoatBuilder” magazines. They also offer publications such as “Keeping Afloat”, “The William Hand Index”, “Small Boats 2007 & 2008”, “Build a Boat”, “Half-model building” and the “Getting Started” series. The site supports instant download in PDF files.

Free Wooden Boat Plans

Riva Aquarama 27 foot Plans

Bullet 13 6 by SwitzerCraft

Zipper a 225 Class Hydroplane


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