Marine Engines Manufacturers List

Marine Engines Manufacturers List
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1.Wärtsilä -(Sulzer) Marine Diesel Engines Manufactures:

From 1879 to date, Sulzer is one of the largest manufactures of marine diesel engines used for the main propulsion for merchant ships of both four stroke and two stroke design. Sulzer has its own history. Rudolf Diesel as a young engineer followed up his studies by working as an unpaid workshop trainee at Sulzer Brothers in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Sulzer built its first marine diesel engine in 1898. In 1950 the company built its first two stroke marine diesel engine that was directly reversible, and five years later it introduced valve-less two stroke engines after-charging systems and spray cooled pistons. In 1954, it introduced the concept of turbocharging in its engines.

In later years it manufactured different series of marine diesel engines, namely the RD, RND, RND-M, RLA and RLB series. In 1981, in a change from the traditional manufacturing of marine diesel engines, Sulzer introduced a more efficient system of scavenging called “uni-flow scavenging.”

As the latest models of two stroke marine diesel engine use uni-flow scavenging, the constant pressure turbocharged RTA series with a single poppet exhaust valve was developed. Later the new Sulzer diesel became part of the Wärtsilä Corporation, and the more advance automated engine of Wartsila is the RT-flex series.

From the Wärtsilä Corporation now you can get a wide range of marine diesel engines with different specifications.

To view the Wärtsilä two stroke slow speed Marine diesel engine use the link provided below.,en,productsservices,productportfolio,product,,24079490412160704,no,8001.htm

To view the Wärtsilä four stroke medium speed Marine diesel engines use this link.,en,productsservices,productportfolio,product,,3010188166900515,no,8002.htm

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2.MAN Diesel Low Speed Marine Diesel:

MAN Diesel Marine Diesel Engine

MAN (Maschinefabiek Augsburg Nurnberg), a Germany-based company. is the next giant in manufacturing of main propulsion engines of low speed marine diesel engines built with a single acting two-stoke cross-head design. These engines have the special features of simple design, easy maintenance, and low specific fuel consumption.

MAN introduced series of KSZ-A, KSZ-B, KSZ-C and the latest of the KEZ-B series with featured electronic fuel injection systems. In the mid-1980, MAN was combined with a Danish based company called Burmeister &Wain the name was replaced as the MAN B&W Marine Diesel Engine Manufacturer. Presently usually called just “MAN Diesel,” they jointly produce a new series of marine slow speed diesel engines called the MC series.

The MAN Diesel Company link on Marine Diesel engines:

3.Caterpillar Marine Diesel Engines:

Caterpillar Marine Diesel Engine Logo

Caterpillar is one of the well-known manufacturers of medium speed and high speed marine diesel engines. Mainly the high speed engines are used in the generator sets of auxiliary engines. They produce the marine diesel engines C series and MaK series suitable for various marine applications like main propulsion in yachts, ferries, tugs, and salvage vessels.

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4.Mitsubishi Marine Engines

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

Mitsubishi Marine Engines a Japan based company manufacture the diesel engines for marine application and they have divided the engines base on the usage they are of light, medium and heavy duty applications.

Under the light duty engines are applicable to the pleasure boats, yachts and patrol boats. Medium duty engines are applicable to tug boats, working boats, and in ferries. Heavy duty engines are applicable to fishing boats and cargo boats.

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5. Rolls–Royce Marine Diesel Engine:

Rolls–Royce Marine Diesel Engine:

Rolls–Royce Marine Diesel Engine:

They manufacture the medium speed diesel engines of two series B 32: 40 and C 25:33. These engines are used in the twin-screw passenger ships and in cruise ships.

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6. MTU Marine Diesel Engine:

MTU Marine Diesel Engine

It is one of the well-known marine diesel engine manufacturers for yachts. They specially design the engines for smooth operation and less vibration with full automation.

7. Cummins Marine Diesel Engines:

Cummins Marine Diesel Engines

Cummins manufactures marine diesel engines in the range of 37-1900 kW that are mainly installed on board as prime movers for generator sets and for emergency compressors. The larger series of engines are being used in port tug boats.

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For commercial propulsion (tugs):

For auxiliary purposes (emergency air compressor):