How to Clean Mold off Marine Vinyl

How to Clean Mold off Marine Vinyl
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Mold is a type of fungi that develops on wet surfaces such as wood, carpet and paints. This type of fungi is very harmful for our health and can develop easily on wet surfaces. Since its growth speed is very quick, it is very important to remove this to avoid a dirty and unhealthy appearance on your boat. Some molds are not hazardous to health; however many other types of molds may develop dangerous toxincs that are the cause of different diseases.

Molds may develop very easily on the surface of vinyl because they are always in contact with water vapor. Hence, proper cleaning of the boat is very important to save maintenance costs and to create a better environment for your customers or crew.

You will need some efficient cleaning materials to clean the boat properly. Some of the best cleaning products are given below

Best Cleaning Products to remove Mold from Marine Vinyl

A varietiy of cleaning products are available in the market. Some good cleaning products are a mixture of bleach and water, Greased Lightinng Marine Formula, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, a mixture of ammonia and water, and Simple Green.

Effective Steps to Clean Mold off Marine Vinyl

Basically, cleaning mold from marine vinyl is as simple as cleaning a floor. However, you should keep a few things in mind. Step-by-step cleaning instructions are given below.

  • The first step is to apply the cleaner to the vinyl surface, and let it sit for some time. It will make the mold’s grip on the vinyl loosen. This will make the cleaning process easier.

  • Rub the entire surface with a clean cloth dipped in the cleaner. Use a damp cloth; it will give a better result.

  • It is better if you wear rubber gloves while cleaning the surface.

  • Scrub the vinyl with any scrub brush - a fingernail brush or shoe brush will work.

  • Wipe the vinyl surface dry with a towel after cleaning it.

  • Dry the surface under sunlight, if possible, because sunlight acts as a mold killer.


Although cleaning mold off marine vinyl is very easy, you should remember a few precautions during cleaning.

  • It is very important to clean the brush and the damp cloth because some mold will be left on them. The residue will start mold growing where you put them. This means repeating the cleaning process again.

  • Use rubber gloves during cleaning; it will save your hands and fingers from picking up any bacteria or mold spores.

  • You should not use cleaners with solvents or abrasives; these types of cleaners can scratch and otherwise damage the vinyl surface.


Molds cause damage on vinyl surfaces. Therefore you should clean the affected surfaces periodically. Properly cleaning a marine vehicle will always reduce the maintenance cost. If you do not clean them, you could suffer expensive resurfacing costs. Proper cleaning also makes a safe environment for your customers and crew; clean vinyl surfaces and other places that may mold regularly.

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