How the use of poor quality residual fuel can affect the marine diesel engine systems?

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Engine power:

  1. High rate of pressure rises in the Engine, it also increasing ignition delay, uneven burning pressure and cause knocking in the Engine.
  2. It causes High temperature of combustion chamber and its components.
  3. It causes late burning or slow burning.
  4. Coke deposits on piston.
  5. Low ignition, combustion quality and specific Energy will be low due to Ignition delay and power will be reduced.

The Engine power -Pm X A X L X n.

  • Pm-Mean effective pressure (KW/m2)
  • A -Area of piston
  • L -Length of stroke
  • n -No working stroke/second.

6.Due to poor quality of fuel and incomplete combustion, pm will be reduced, hence reduction in engine power


Due to low quality of fuel, unburnt carbon and ash deposit on turbine blade. This will reduce blower speed decrease amount of combustion air resulting poor combustion. Poor combustion will further cause formation of additional carbon and increased exhaust temperature. It will require more frequent turbocharger cleaning.

Exhaust Valve :

If vanadium and sulphur proportions of 3:1 can cause slag formation on exhaust valve. Under high temperature condition especially foe 4-stroke engine, broken away slug will cause leakage of exhaust gas through the valve and eventually causing burnt exhaust valve.

Fuel Injection Pump and injector:

Due to high level of catfines like Alumina and silica which is very abrasive and hard will cause scoring of fuel pump and enlarge of nozzle holes of injector. Also resulting wear and tear to plunger and barrel of fuel pump and sealing surfaces of pump and injector.

Cylinder Liner:

Due to high ash content, it will cause abrasive wear in liner and due to high sulphur content will cause acid corrosion on the liner surface. Both the cases liner wear will be excessive catfines like silica and alumina will cause scoring on liner surface.

Piston Crown and Piston Ring :

Water droplets impinging on piston crown. High ash content and unburnt carbon will increase piston ring wear. Presence of sulphur will cause acid corrosion and catfines will cause scoring.