Disadvantages of NC Machines (Systems). Problems Associated with NC Machines (Systems)

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Though the NC machines worked automatically as per the program fed in the punched tape and though they increased the productivity, a number of problems were associated with them. These problems posed a major obstacle in the further development of the NC machines. With the introduction of the computers in the NC machines their further developments were enabled and these automatic machines came to be popularly known as the CNC (computer numerical control) machines.

Problems Associated with the Conventional NC Machines

Here are some of the problems associated with the conventional NC machines:

1) Mistakes related with part programming (programming for the parts to be manufactured): When the programs of instructions related to the particular part to be manufactured are written on the punched tape, the syntax or numerical mistakes are quite common. The NC tape is not completed correctly in a single pass and at least three passes are required to get the correct program written. Another major problem with the part programming is achieving the best sequence of steps required for the machining the part.

2) Nonoptimal speed and feeds: For most economic manufacturing of the object from the raw material it should be given optimum speed and feeds during manufacturing. The conventional numerical control does not provide opportunity to change the speeds and feeds during the cutting operations, so the programmer is compelled to set the speeds and feeds for the worst-case conditions that can result in highly expensive manufacturing due to wastages, and low quality jobs. This also results in manufacturing of the jobs at lower than optimum productivity.

3) Punched tape: The punched, which is made up of paper and on which the program is written is the problem in itself. This tape is fragile and susceptible to wear and tear so it has short life and cannot be reliable enough for the repeated use. Instead of paper, other media like Mylar can be used for writing the program of instructions, but these materials are quite expensive.

4) Unreliable tape reader: The tape reader reads the program of instructions from the punched tape, but it is considered to be highly unreliable hardware component of the NC machine. When the NC machine breaks down the first thing the maintenance personnel checks is the tape reader.

5) The inflexible controller: The conventional NC machine has the controller unit which is hard wired and the making the changes in the controls of the machines is a tough task. The controller used in the CNC machines is the computer, which is highly flexible.

6) Important information: The conventional NC machine cannot provide crucial information to the operator and the supervisor like the number of pieces manufactured, tools changes and others.

The problems associated with the NC machines have been solved over the time with the improvement in the NC technology mostly due to advancement in the electronics. The major change obviously came when mini or microcomputers were introduced in the NC system. The computers have had major impact on the NC system and with their introduction the whole technology has come to be known as the CNC (computer numerical control) technology. For the common man and also to the engineers the automatic machine tools are now known by the name CNC machines and not the NC machines.

Advantages of the CNC Machines

There are various valid reasons for the popularity of the CNC machines over the NC machines, let us see some of them.

1) Part program tape and tape reader: In the older CNC machines the part program tape and the tape reader is still required, but they are used only for feeding the program into the memory of the computer. Once the program is saved into the memory, the tape is no more required and the program stored in the memory can be used repeatedly. Thus the tape and the tape reader that poses the major maintenance problems are done away with. In fact the latest CNC machine don’t even require the tape and tape reader, for the program of instructions are fed directly into the mini or microcomputer via the control panel of the computer.

2) Editing the program: Since the program of instructions is saved in the computer memory, they can be edited and changed as per the requirements. Thus the CNC system is highly flexible. One can also make necessary changes in the program for providing variable speeds and feeds for the manufacture of the jobs resulting in economic manufacturing. Even the NC tape used for the programming in CNC machines can be corrected and optimized since it allows changes in the tool path, speed, feed etc.

3) Metric conversion: The CNC machine allows the conversion of tapes prepared in the metric system into the SI system of measurements. Thus programmer does not have to re-enter the whole program of instructions merely because of the different units of measurements used in the program.

4) Highly flexible: The CNC machines are highly flexible. One can easily make the changes in the program and store them as the new program. One can also introduce new control options like the new interpolation scheme quite easily. It is easier to make updates in the CNC machines with lesser cost; hence risk of the obsolescence of the CNC machine is reduced.

5) Easier programming: The programs are written in the CNC machine using language which has statements similar to the ordinary English language statements. The programmer can easily master the CNC programming language and use it for the wide range of the machining operations of the job. The programmer can set the various dimension of the job, the machining operations to be carried out and their sequence, the amount of metal to be removed in each cutting operation, the speed of cutting, etc. The program of instructions is written as per the available size of the raw materials and also the surface finish required for the final finished job. Some of the programs take the form of the macro subroutines stored in the memory of the CNC machine and the programmer can use them frequently whenever required. Some of the programs are stored in the library and they can be used wherever required completely or as a small part of the big program.


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