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Importance of the Heat Load Calculations - Part 2

written by: Haresh Khemani • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 11/27/2008

The importance of the heat load calculations can be understood from the fact that right from the designing of the building itself, the HVAC designer works closely with the building architect to making recommendations for the locations of the various air-conditioning systems of suitable sizes.

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    Importance of Heat Load Calculations

    Let us continue with the importance of heat load calculations:

    4) Deciding the location of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit: In most of the large buildings split, packaged or central air-conditioning systems are installed. In such cases the location of the indoor unit is very important. The indoor unit comprises of the cooling coil or the evaporator coil that produces the cooling effect inside the room. After the heat load calculations depending on the load heat load inside the room and purpose of the room, the location of the indoor unit can be decided. It can be located at the top, which is called ceiling mounted indoor unit or it can be kept on the floor which is called floor mounted indoor unit. The location of the outdoor unit greatly depends on the location of the indoor unit.

    5) Laying ducts: Another important aspect of the air-conditioning systems for large applications like large buildings, theaters, cinema halls, air-ports etc is laying the ducts. The ducts carry the cool air from air-conditioning system to the room and they also circulate or throw the hot room air. The ducts are usually installed at the top of the roof and are covered by the false ceiling. The ducts should be laid during the construction of the room or the building itself. If they are not laid during the construction of the building large scale destruction will have to be done in the room and in some cases one may not even be able to lay the ducts if the work on the building is done. Laying the ducts during construction of the building is vital.

    For this it is important that the size and layout of the ducting should be known and this is possible if the size of the air-conditioning system to be installed inside the room is known. Only after carrying out the heat load calculations the type of the AC system for the room and the size and layout of the duct required for the room or hall can be found out.

    Apart from these, a number of other factors and dimensions related to the air-conditioning systems are also decided only after the heat load calculations. The heat load calculations done correctly will help you make the optimum use of your air-conditioning systems for the years to come.