What is Bioelectronics?

What is Bioelectronics?
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What is Bioelectronics? The Boon of Modern Technology

Health issues have been a primary concern for humans since the early ages. As the years rolled by, there have been various improvements in the field of medicine. The introduction of various revolutionary techniques, approaches, and methods have seen great leaps in the field of medicine. Less pain in the approach to cure disease and other effects with better results has led to people having more faith in modern medical sciences. Now let us see how bioelectronics plays a vital role in the field of medicine and other areas.

What is Bioelectronics?

Bioelectronics is the application of the principles of electronics to biology and medicine. Hollywood has expanded the horizons with its imagination, and movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, iRobot, Minority Report and many other sci-fi movies have shown us what modern technology is capable of. The potential of bioelectronics is also shown in these movies. Artificial limbs, humanoids, the various sensors that are attached to the body, etc. are the applications of bioelectronics.

Interesting Applications of Bioelectronics:

Pacemakers: Also called artificial pacemakers, have been a boon to patients by regulating their heart beats. Initially they weren’t monitored electronically but eventually due to the development in the field of bioelectronics and biotechnology they work perfectly, have given life to thousands across the world, and make complex problems concerned with the heart simple.

Image: Wikipedia

Artificial Limbs: For people who have lost their limbs in accidents or some natural cause prosthetics are used. Bioelectronics is used to power them, control them, modify and manipulate their structure as per the needs. Thus the affected ones are given a second chance to live thanks to bioelectronics and its principles.

Artificial Limb powered by bio electronics

Image Flickr: Ryan Somma

Blood Glucose Meter: Patients with diabetes need to keep their blood glucose level in check. Various blood glucose meters are available in the market that help patients to check their blood glucose in their own home instead of the olden days method of going to some centers and getting the blood glucose level checked. They give accurate readings with just a couple of drops of blood and there is virtually no pain in the entire process. Thus the patient can keep check of his or her blood glucose level and this will keep the patient out of danger.

Blood Glucose Meter

Image Flickr: Elgrinospain

Biosensors: Sensors are attached to the body to monitor the body temperature and measure stress and strain in specific parts of the body. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. use biosensors in combination with bioelectronics to improve and increase the efficiency of their products like shoes, sportswear’ etc. The movie industry uses biosensors to create better effects in animation and other special effects. One great example is the character Gollum in Lord of the Rings trilogy. A person was attached with biosensors and later, using computers, the movements and other actions of the character Gollum was completely recreated. Sports coaches use biosensors to monitor the movements of players and later correct them accordingly so that they can play a better game with fewer injuries.


Image NASA

Gollum created using the help of bioelectronics and computers

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Careers in Bioelectronics:

Careers in research and development in how electronics work with the various biological elements (legs and hands and other human) offer attractive salaries. Companies that rely on bioelectronics to help in the manufacture of their product offer very good salaries. Careers in Hollywood and the gaming industries require a lot of innovation and if the needs are met, attractive salaries are offered.

How feasible is Bioelectronics?

Bioelectronics is the future and promises better prospects in various fields. Though it still is an infant in the eyes of technology, a lot has been achieved in a very small span of time and has shown remarkable results. So indeed bioelectronics is a career of the future, and it promises a lot to the general public, too, as electronics are very economical when they go into mass production.