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Electric Fly Swatter for Mosquitoes

written by: Sunita Sanguri • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 6/2/2010

You are sitting in your garden, enjoying the cool breeze and listening to your favorite singer. From somewhere, a mosquito comes and starts troubling you, or rather chewing on you. This article helps you to know how to get rid of that mosquito and enjoy the evening.

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    What is an Electric Mosquito Bat?

    An electric mosquito bat is also known as an electric fly swatter and looks like a tennis racquet.

    It has to be swung where the mosquitoes are flying, and any unfortunate mosquito that comes in contact with it is electrocuted and dies. In fact they generate such high voltage that the insect explodes with sparks and smoke. The bat may use regular or rechargeable batteries and normally convert the 3 volts DC into more than one thousand volts AC. This DC to AC conversion is done because in AC power the voltage can be increased by using a step-up transformer.

    The advantages of it are that it does not give off vapors of toxic chemicals like other repellents. It is also cheap, highly effective, handy and reusable unlike other mosquito repellents. Some of them have a torch light also. It is not only used for mosquitoes, but also for small insects like bees, house flies, etc. It does give off sparks and should not be used when you have a suspected gas leak in your house. After use it should be allowed to cool off before stowing. It should also be kept away from the children as it is not a toy.

    It is very addictive, and the sparks and the noise sound like fire crackers and remind one of the popular Indian festival of light, the “Diwali."

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    Working Principle of the Electric Mosquito Bat

    The electric mosquito bat or the electric fly swatter has to be aimed at the mosquitoes, and when they come near they get trapped between the inner and the outside grid. The outside grid is for safety so that humans do not poke their fingers or other parts inside. The outer grid also acts as a return path for the current to complete the circuit. The outer grid has holes large enough for the mosquitoes to go inside. Once they touch both the outside and the inner grid, a short circuit develops and a large short circuit current passes through them, and they explode.

    Though it is safe for humans, it should be kept away from small children. If dirty, it should be blown dry or shaken for the insect residues to loosen. Do not try to take out the insects with a screwdriver or your finger. It can cause a short circuit. Please remember that a prolonged deliberate short circuit can also damage the batteries.

    In case the batteries are gone, two rechargeable AA size batteries can be put back. The other problems are the electronic components that can be tested and replaced. The Internet is full of funny videos of people playing pranks with the electric fly swatter and even licking it. It does give you a little shock, but it is not dangerous for adults.

    They are very useful if you are traveling or living in tropical countries where there is an epidemic of mosquitoes.

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    Electric Mosquito Bat

    Electric Mosquito BatElectric Mosquito Bat with Light